Jan 29, 2022

This girlfriend is super pissed at her boyfriend. He was spotted on another show, she knew he had gone to the party that he was spotted at. They were newly dating then. She suspected something went down at the party, he denied it, since they weren’t exclusive he could’ve just come clean. Imagine her surprise when she saw the show air and he was engaging with the girl the rumors were about last summer. Allegedly.


  1. Alina

    Paige & Craig but we know this already.

    • Nunya

      Juliette and Clark

    • Siesta Key

      Juliette and Clark but I do NOT believe this bc wasn’t this Summer House episode a 4th of July party? Juliette was very much with Sam last 4th. They were still living together and spent the 4th in Colorado. So how was she newly dating Clark then while also being with Sam?!

      • AJ

        Yeah that just means juliette was cheating on Sam with Clark. She was dating both guys at the same time. Sam even mentioned that in one of his comments, juliette would go to Miami sleep with Clark, then come back and sleep with Sam. She was keeping Sam warm, while checking Clarks back account. After she secured Clark, she dumped Sam. Shady shady juliette.

  2. ChelseyC

    Juliette Porter from Siesta Key and her boyfriend Clark Drum, he was randomly featured on this weeks episode of Summer House at their party.

    • Ro

      Omg yes!!!!

    • K jo

      Which girl was he rumored with? Ciara?

  3. Yoooo

    Definitely juliette porter and her bf Clark who was on last weeks summer house talking to new girl Mya… it’s called fiesta and she is on siesta key

  4. Sam Logan

    The girl is Juliette porter from siesta key. Her boyfriend Clark Drum was randomly in the first episode of summer house this season at the party. He was interacting with Paige. 100% is them.


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