Breakup not about her mama…

Jan 11, 2022


  1. Chris

    I mean Rinna and Delilah obvi

  2. Louise

    Girl… they are some spoiled little girls, whining about therapy they can afford themselves . Its gross.

  3. MwithanE

    They think it’s cute to be spoiled too. Remember that episode when Amelia is detailing what she needs her apartment to be like – whether she pays for it herself or not you should be a little embarrassed to talk that way at such a young age.

    • Big boned in oregon

      Or the episode where she talked about how everyone in Medford (where rinna is from) is fat. Well, my moms side of the family is from medford. And guess what. We are all fat but no need to shame you spoiled brat! 😂

  4. Garbage

    They’re trash. I’m honestly tired of talking about them. Can we be done?

  5. veronicar

    Pretty sure their mother taught them the ins and outs of anorexia as well as enabled their drug abuse and bad behavior that got them kicked out of their school…

  6. Hope

    Please Lisa sent this in herself. Everyone has seen the eating disorder episode and I’m sure that is not an isolated incident. I have no sympathy for Rinna, she has made her bed.

    • Shmeegs

      Lol exactly my thoughts. This was totally rinna

  7. Afua Adu-Wusu

    What about Yolanda and GiGi?

    • Anon

      The angle of the L is visible in the name. Can’t be Yolanda.


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