HGTV Drama!

Jan 7, 2022



  1. JoCoShopper

    I think a high proportion of HGTV shows are fake AF. A google search brings up lots of info. I live in the city where another popular HGTV celeb films and have heard of issues with some of those renos plus contractors who won’t work with that person again.

    • Alpal323

      Do you by chance live in Indianapolis lol

      • JoCoShopper

        Nope! Kansas City 😀

  2. Berley

    The Property Brothers are slimy for sure. My cousin owns an interior decorating company and worked on one of their recent projects for the new show. She says they were hardly ever there, she did all the design, and got hardly any credit

  3. Beautynthings

    Gotta defend my Scott Brothers .. they truly are as nice in real person as they are on TV many many times and examples of that .. production on TV shows are often not what they seem but they are stand up guys!

  4. Tammy

    It’s Andy and Candice


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