Mob Wife….

Jan 5, 2022


  1. Ash

    I can’t believe they are actually publishing that it was adderall! Adderall does not give you slurred speech and glossy eyes ???

    • BravoMamaKat

      I believe she said wasn’t… she’s into harder drugs. Btw for future reference, Adderall can give you glossy eyes and jumbled speech, crazy how drugs show up physically

      • Bravobravo

        Especially when combined with alc..

    • Anne

      It does if you are addicted to it and taken more than you are prescribed. It can cause you to stay up for days which would give you glazed eyes and slurred speech. If you take it like you are suppose to it works great but when you start abusing it it very much can ruin your life!

      • Bettie

        Says someone who’s never taken drugs. Omg. Stop trying to justify something you know nothing about. Maybe cocaine/meth/crack but not adderall. She was definitely mixing shit. Maybe she had adderall without a prescription. Cops love to over react as well.

  2. SI

    Everyone here (SI) knows how badly she’s addicted. Her life has become a complete mess.

  3. Louise

    Just look at the level of photoshop on her insta. Its delusional. I feel bad for her, im sure her life wasnt easy and it pretty common to numb the pain with drugs.

  4. Christine

    She posted a video on her stories last week and she could barely speak and looked so out of it.

  5. Ellie

    Who is it? Lol

    • Panda

      Renee Graziano

  6. Shmeegs

    There’s no way it was Adderall. It only works against alcohol for so long…
    The articles I read also seem to suggest the dui was from the Adderall. Which is bs

    • CD

      THANK YOU. I take Adderall daily for my ADHD and trust me she didn’t crash that car bc of just that. She’s been a whole mess for years and it’s getting sad to watch her keep spiraling

  7. Lela

    Anyone remember when there was that pic popping up in blogs she posted on her Insta her and a friend, but on the counter in the background it looked like there was rails of a powdery substance. She said it’s was baking makeup powder.. Who lines up their setting powder lol.

    • RG

      Exactly! I remember that!

  8. Finkle is Einhorn

    She has and always will be an absolute mess….

  9. Drita

    B&C does it again ?


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