La Famiglia

Nov 26, 2021

This former Bravo family had a falling out. The uncle went into business with his nephews and things went sour. His sister and their children no longer speak with him, at all. They still talk to his wife and kids though. Allegedly.


  1. Toni

    Chris Laurita and Manzo’s??

  2. Ing

    Blk water. Thick as thieves

  3. Happy Housewife

    What a shock.

  4. KM

    What happened with blk water? Can anyone fill me in?

    • Poppi

      You can find it at Ross.

  5. Guesticle

    The Manzos and Dina/her ex Tommy or the the Lauritas? I was thinking Dina’s Ex hired a hit man or something to kill her. But I can’t remember how they were all related now.

  6. Ash

    Chris Laurita and Chris and Albie Manzo….Albie alluded to this on his podcast, Dear Albie, not too long ago…Albie said he has resentment towards his uncle bc his career/financial situation would presumably be better off if he hadn’t agreed to work for his uncle for free for years when he was in his mid-20s.


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