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Transcript: Cocktails and Gossip Episode 1 About THE New Jersey Video
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B (00:01):

We get letters that this person wrote to ex fiances, and he didn’t go to this camp once. So he was married, divorced one fiance. He went, they broke up, got another fiance. He left her and came caught or something. And then he went in the camp, the warrior camp. And so this was like, this was like, anytime he would fight with his fiance over the year, he would go to this camp. And so when people found this out, it was sort of like, not only did he do this weird once this was a routine, welcome to cocktails and gossip to podcast where we drink cocktails, but you better believe we’re gonna spill the tea. We out reality TV, celebrity blinds, and the hottest tea from Bravo and a B.

Amanda (00:50):

And I’m Amanda, let’s get into this week’s tea. And today in honor, of this season of real Housewives of New Jersey, I think B I think we need to talk about da, da, da, THE video. I am dying actually to hear the story about where it came from and like how it all just came to be.

B (01:15):

<laugh> the warrior video. It was actually very random. It was prior to the website. I had my OG account Bravo and cocktails, no underscore in those days. And I had an email, Bravo and cocktails at Gmail, and I get this email, the name was John Smith. Okay. Like the most generic name, I open it up and it’s a video. I watched the video and I’m just like, what is this? It was, I mean, we’ve all seen it. It was topless men. And the main character was professing his love to his fiance. And he wanted to get engaged. And he was with his brothers <laugh> and we had just met a week ago, but they with brothers and he was a changed man. Bizarre. And they were in a canoe in the middle of a lake, I guess a lake. I was just like, I mean, at this point, I don’t think anything was even circulating about him.

B (02:08):

I don’t think there was any hint that, you know, we know what followed, right? I mean, I posted it all because this person sent it to me. And side note, the person was not Marge. I have zero affiliation with Marge, other than watching her on the show. It was, if I had to guess it was probably one of his exes. I mean, that is who the video was sent to. So that who would be who that is, who would be in possession of the video and the subsequent letters, police reports. There’s a lot of stuff I didn’t post because there was stuff I wasn’t comfortable with. Whoever was sending it to me. I wasn’t aware of whether or not it was the ex. I wasn’t aware of what they wanted out. So one of my rules, and this is without exception. If you are not, not a public figure, if you do not make public appearances, if you are not on a reality show, regardless of your age, I am not posting your face or your name or anything about you.

B (03:05):

You’re a private person, right? Once you date a celebrity and you’re in the tabloids and you’re signed up and filming a reality show, you are now open to gossip accounts like myself, gossiping, cuz that is what people do. That is how you earn a living. That is part of this job you sign up for right. As a public figure. So it was not Marge. It was somebody named John Smith. I’m sure that’s not their name. Right. Generic, blah, blah, blah. Okay. So I get this video and I’m like sitting on my couch. All right. So I just threw my watermark on it and posted it. Did I know it was gonna go viral in minutes? No, I thought it was weird. I probably should have considered what a big draw his girlfriend was. Right. I mean, she’s on the real hazards of New Jersey. She’s had so much scandal in her life. And so I probably, I wasn’t even thinking, I just posted it and people went bananas. It was picked up by every, every one of every one of the blogs sites. I mean Heather McDonald’s and her girlfriends reenacted it, which was hysterical. I love, I love that I was dying, laughing. Oh

Amanda (04:18):

My God. It was so funny. I am a huge Heather McDonald fan. I listened to all of her podcasts. And when I first saw her video, it was like, what is this? And then I caught up on like social media and I was like, oh my God, this is the funniest funniest thing. Cuz that video, like I don’t even know what I would’ve done. If I had gotten that, that video in my inbox, like you’re like, what the hell is this? And he’s yelling at the camera. He’s red. And he is like “my brothers, these are my brothers.” And they’re like staring like with like mean faces at the camera.

B (04:54):

Like if I was, if I was just, I don’t know, like paddle boarding and that canoe came by, I would <laugh> oh my God. I, I would like what’s what, what? Forget it. Forget. I look

Amanda (05:05):

A double take. Sure.

B (05:07):

Myself. Is that concerning water? Like I’m water. I’m like, I would, I’d be like, this is the end. This is where I stay

Amanda (05:14):

Oh my God. That’s so funny. And the video that we were talking about, I guess I, I need to like be a responsible website person and tell you guys, if you don’t know the video, if you are one of the few people who are bra housewife or Bravo fans who have not seen the video can see it after this it’s on it’s we actually put it on the best of, so it’s at Bravo and and it’s in the best of section. So if you haven’t seen the video, now you have heard our take on the video. My God, but you can watch the video.

B (05:50):

And if you haven’t, are you even a Bravo fan? If you haven’t seen the video, Amanda, but I mean, I suppose it’s possible.

Amanda (05:57):

That is where, how could you not watch the show and say, what is this video that they’re talking about? Which is what is so crazy. Cause like, did you ever even guess that it would become like such a central part of the show this season?

B (06:12):

Absolutely not. I thought it was nutty and weird, but certainly not. And then after that John Smith, the generic email kept sending me stuff. And I mean, as I said, a lot of the stuff I didn’t post cuz it was, it was too much for me personally, the video to me was funny and weird, but it wasn’t like dark. A lot of the stuff that was sent was dark and it was outside of my personal comfort zone. Okay. So then we get letters that this person wrote to ex fiances and he didn’t go to this camp once he went for. So he was married, divorced one fiance, he went, they broke up, got another fiance. He left her in Cape Cod or something. And then he went in the camp, the warrior camp. And so this was like, this was like, anytime he would fight with his fiance over the year, he would go to this camp. And so when people found this out, it was sort of like, not only did he do this weird once this was a routine <laugh> this was a, you know, it’s like, if you’re trying to lose weight, you get on a diet and exercise program. If you’re trying to get your fiance back, you go to the warrior program. So,

Amanda (07:21):

Oh my gosh, I did a little research on this camp. I forgot to mention this to you earlier when we were chatting. People spend tens of thousands of dollars to go to this thing. They get thrown in a hole, like a six foot deep hole that they can’t get out of for, I don’t know, like six hours. I might be getting my numbers again, terrible memory. But what they get out of it is, I think it’s one of those like break you down so we can build you back up kind of things. But people spend tens of thousands of dollars to go to the thing. Just for some context

B (07:56):

That that’s, that’s disturbing. I did not know that. Wow.

Amanda (08:00):

Yeah. That’s crazy.

B (08:02):

So I absolutely did not know, but I should have known because his girlfriend is such a big, well known star. She’s got such a huge fan base. And even if you don’t love her, like you wanna know what’s going on her life. I mean her life was calm after years of scandal. I think we were also happy when we first saw the boyfriend, you know, the jail, the deportation, the divorce, raising the girls by herself, losing her parents. And another thing I wanna say, tree huggers or whatever it is love to say. I hate there. It could be further from the truth. I have always been a fan of Theresa. I am very different than her, just in the way I operate. I mean, outside of being Italian American, I’m very different from her, but I like her. I certainly think she’s a great mother. It’s just that, I mean, I’m a gossip page and I got sent this video and I shared it. And from, you know, it came out that there were a lot of red flags, I mean, and they weren’t really, they were red flags with evidence. It wasn’t anything that was rumored because it exists. There’s letters. There’s police reports, which again, you know, a lot of that stuff I didn’t, I didn’t post cause I just didn’t wanna go near it. So that’s what it is.

Amanda (09:19):

So I, I, I think too, like just to kind of jump in here, like I actually think even if you don’t like, feel like you and Theresa, like, and I, when say you, I mean anybody, right? Like even if people watch her and are like, I don’t know if we would be friends in real life. I still feel like we’re all rooting for her because she has had such a hard time and want to see like good things happen to her because she is a great mom and she has done so much and, and like has been able to keep it

B (09:50):

Going, keep

Amanda (09:52):

Those kids yeah. In that same house. Which yeah, like that is like, that must have been so

B (09:57):

Hard. Yes. I mean, I think I, I, I respect her, but I have to say with all this stuff and then, you know, to have a relationship, if you choose to have a relationship with somebody, like that’s your business, but the moving in together with, with daughters, for me, you know, I dunno I’m not in that situation. And I’m sure in real life, things are different. And I truly hope, and it is totally possible that he has improved himself. And he’s, he’s different from what we’ve been shown. I didn’t like what I saw on the final episode, the way he was talking, you know, men who, who have to put that sort of dominance over,

Amanda (10:34):

You mean the jacket? Not for you,

B (10:36):

His jacket with, the backbone, he drew a backbone on. I mean, come on. I think

Amanda (10:45):

He, I just think the other thing too is like, I think all of us are hoping that Theresa is seeing this stuff and is like internalizing

B (10:55):

It past. You’re hoping that people learn, right? So we all make bad decisions, but like you have to grow from them. And to just see her pick a guy who just because on the surface, he says things in a nicer way than her previous husband. If the actions, if the evidence is still the same, the actions, like, I don’t know,

Amanda (11:19):

Actions, I’m just praying. Like he has changed like use, you said. And like his history is not the best at like the long term relationships. And that’s what we want for there. Right. Is to have a great long, happy love story. And,

B (11:37):

And then it just came out like this week, somebody posted, it said he doesn’t want her to change her name from, and again, we haven’t decided how we’re saying it. Right. Cause she used to say Judice, and now she says Judice and she’s kind of what, whatever it is, Theresa Judice is the most current rendition of it. He doesn’t want her to change her name cuz that’s how she’s known. It doesn’t sound like somebody who wants her to quit her job because she never has to work. Like, and I’m not saying she should change her name. Her daughters have that name. Like I’m saying, if his opinion is don’t change your name cuz that’s how you’re known. Why does she need to be known? If he makes so much money, she never has to work a day in her life.

Amanda (12:16):

That is spicy tea. I hadn’t heard that Yikes. Oh

B (12:19):

Yeah. So I’m like, that is again, antennas go up, you have all of this stuff and it should be like, if you love this woman and you and you are financially stable, number one, she clearly hates doing the show. She hates it. However, she’s a responsible mother and this is her means of providing for them. I respect that. She still does it. Even though she hates it because this is her source of income. Got it. On that episode, he clearly said, I work so hard. You never have to work a day in your life. Let’s move into our 15,000. Some people said 50. I think he said, listen, it’s a big, fancy house. Whatever it is. Let’s move into our big fancy house. You never have to work a day in your life. Okay. Got it. Now week after the show premieres, he says, she says, Louis doesn’t want me to change my name because that’s how people know me. Why do people need to know you, boo?

Amanda (13:15):

I dunno. That’s sketch

B (13:16):

Don’t to work anymore. So

Amanda (13:18):

I don’t know. I just

B (13:19):

Find it weird that he wants to marry somebody who people know. And I got a message today, Amanda. Oh my God, you see, this is why like that stuff. Just, this is why I need Amanda guys because she gets the emails and organizes my thoughts. This was in my DMS though. So she didn’t get this. So I’m scrolling. I know Louis from before he was with Teresa and a few times he would ask me if I was related to Dolores because we have the same last name and live in the same area in New Jersey. I always would tell him, I don’t know her. And I really don’t. I like her on the show. She’s great. But we just happened to have the same last name. He was very into the reality TV world. And very much wanted me to set up a meeting again. This was before Teresa. Yes. Dolores was seeing David at that time. But everybody that watched the show kind of knew. That was like a, you know, yeah, it was, it wasn’t a marriage. It wasn’t the best relationship. So I find it very odd. This is what this person writes to me. And I’m just like, and now that I’m saying this I’m here. I feel like other people are gonna send me stuff like this. So like,

Amanda (14:24):

So wild, wild theory,

B (14:26):

State who you want, but you know, you’re engaged. You’re getting married. You’re not signing a

Amanda (14:31):

Right. Let’s

B (14:32):

Talk, Amanda, let’s talk about that.

Amanda (14:34):

Wow. Let’s hold on. Wild, wild theory. Are you ready for my wild theory? What if totally just conjecture here. What if they didn’t meet on the street? Like we are, they met cuz he slid into her DMS and they went on a date. Oh, because what if like if he

B (14:57):

Was trying, I will say that anyone wants to say he’s definitely a handsome fit guy.

Amanda (15:02):

Yeah. He’s a good looking guy. And I think he comes across very well and he’s a business owner. And like what if he was really interested? This person in your DMS is saying like in like this whole reality TV world and that’s actually how they met and then she likes him and they’re like, well we have to have like cute way that we met. And so because we both have places down the shore, that’s where we met. I mean wild theory, but I’m

B (15:33):

A married woman. And I have to tell you if I met somebody like that, we would definitely concoct a story that we were like walking down the street or in the gym or in a cafe getting coffee and sat down the same table. I would not be like, yeah, heled up in my DMS. So

Amanda (15:50):

Make sense. So there, if you’re listening and there’s any truth to this wild theory that I literally just made up, get a prenup please.

B (16:01):

I mean, I don’t see the downside to a prenup for anybody in any situation because whatever you make within your marriage, you can write in that whatever you build together is, you know, share a property. But if you have for listen, you should do it. If you’re on your own and you have assets, but if you have kids, you’re just secure, you’re just making stuff safe for them. And if the person you’re marrying also has children, he should not only understand that, but want that. I’m also curious why such a successful person, as he stated on the show, he was wouldn’t wanna preempt to protect himself. Yes. Listen, Theresa is loyal and if he treats her, well, I don’t have any doubt she would ever leave him. I say all that to say, what if, who knows things happen? Life happens. I don’t understand why two grown people in their mid to late forties with multiple children, between them and properties and businesses. Mm-hmm <affirmative>, aren’t signing a prenup, are you 25?

Amanda (17:07):

Well, let’s just hope there is one. Let’s just hope that they are actually. And then they’re just thinking, it’s nobody’s business but ours. Let’s hope that that is what’s happening. And so by the way, I also had to ask you straight out because I know people keep asking you this. Did Marge send any of this stuff to you?

B (17:28):

To my knowledge and I believe not at all. I never, I like, first of all, I like New Jersey Housewives is my favorite. I relate to it the most now that you all know that I’m not famous, I’m from New York city, but you know, I’m, I’m Italian American. I get it. Okay. I get it. I also love Marge’s personality, obviously we’re different. She’s older than me. She’s divorced. However, she’s a strong, independent woman. In many ways. I don’t relate so much to the old school thing because my parents were very evolved. Right. They were, you know, they were Italian-American so they were a generation removed from that. Certainly I grew up very traditional in many ways. That’s all I can say. You know, unless he’s John Smith and I don’t know it, it seems to me that, and I don’t know which ex fiance or girlfriend was.

B (18:24):

Oh Amanda. So another little thing that you must know, but so February break I’m in Florida. I get an email. You got it. Cuz I texted you that David Dolores’s doctor X is dating Louise’s ex-girlfriend he wasn’t engaged to this one. This was the girl he was dating when he met Theresa that he left Theresa for. Okay. So I found that crazy. So I don’t know if that ex-girlfriend wanted David because he was related to the show and kind of wanted a show, Louie like, oh look now I’m dating Dolores’s ex I don’t know. But I do know that new Jersey’s big. So I don’t know why there’s so much crossover here. <laugh>

Amanda (19:03):

I was just gonna say I New Jersey is like, no, like it is a large state, a very populated state. So that can, they

B (19:11):

Don’t wanna live in one town. We know they’re like spread around so

Amanda (19:14):

Well, and the other thing too, I was just gonna say just a little like behind the scenes saying about the website and the way people can send us stuff is they can put whatever they can put my name, you know, they can put a on and [email protected]. Like there’s nothing like that makes them put in a real of like a real email address. So

B (19:37):

Can I’m It doesn’t matter. Make it up. It goes through, you just have to put something at whatever dot com like at Gmail

Amanda (19:46):

If you wanna use your real email address and send us something, then we can write you back. We can say like, Hey, you know, if we have questions or whatever, then we will always block it out. Cause some people do put their real email addresses and we just block it out. And we, so you can’t, you guys can’t see who it actually came from. So

B (20:09):

There’s more to it. Like if listen, if you see a celebrity and something pops off and that’s all you have to tell me, a fake email is great. But if it’s something like I would like when you hit me up in the DMS, I can write back. And that’s where the story really develops because it’s usually, and so I know I like, I keep bringing this up, but I get asked this a lot. How do you know what to post? So a lot of times I get something and I told you guys, my, my memory is shot, but I get something and then I get something else. So I, I have a million screenshots. You should see my albums and I scroll up and I’m like, oh, oh ABC, okay. One plus one equals two. It’s that easy. Like I, something happens or somebody starts seeing somebody and

Amanda (20:55):


B (20:55):

Different people send it to me. So like, if I say so and so is seeing so and so it’s usually because either I have a picture or you know, more than one person told me that, so yes, obviously four different people can send the same thing and it could be fake. Yeah. I mean there’s room for error.

Amanda (21:15):

Sure. For sure.

B (21:17):

This is not the New York times, but you know, a lot of, you know, a lot of, most of the stuff we post has a level of like it tracks say it like that. I can’t say it true, but it tracks for me enough to say, let’s put this out and see if it’s true.

Amanda (21:34):

What I think is so funny too, is now people are emailing blinds that like they’re written as blind, so they don’t write them right. To be like, so, and so’s name like blah, blah, blah. So,

B (21:48):

Cause I don’t have to go and white out.

Amanda (21:50):

I know they’re like this New Jersey housewife, like this west coast housewife, which is so funny. Cause I’m like, it makes our dogs a little easier. Actually.

B (21:59):

I have to say like my followers are like so funny, first of all. Yeah. And like they, they figure this stuff out before I do, they message me. They’re like B it’s this I’m like, oh duh, thank you.

Amanda (22:12):

Yeah. They are smart. They are so smart. Well, since we’re kind of talking Jersey, like what do you think? And we’re like wrapping up the season. What do you think? What do you think about the season of Jersey?

B (22:25):

So, I mean, I think it was fantastic. I, as I say it’s and I, and I love all the Housewives for different reasons, but it’s, it’s up there as far. I, I relate to it the most. I think Jen gave us a lot. I think that she was honest. She was real. I respect it. I have opinions about her talking to her 13 year old daughter on camera. Don’t agree with it. Especially it was before we saw her talk to her husband on camera. Don’t love it. Absolutely. She should have had that conversation with all of five of her children on camera. Unnecessary. Other than that, I think she’s a great housewife. I mean, she gives us what we want and I know, listen, you don’t have to like a person and I’m not saying I dislike her. I’m just saying you don’t have to.

B (23:12):

As you said, you don’t have to wanna be friends with somebody to recognize their great TV. And, and you know, people went for Marge. I feel like if Marge didn’t bring out the affair, which honestly she was called a for years by Jen. And it was like, you know what? She knew this, right? She said at the reunion or on the show, she’s known this for so long and she didn’t say it. And it got to a point where it’s like, you know, Jen, Jen called her mother names, you know like about mm-hmm. <affirmative> like, you know what I mean? You talk about my mom. Yeah. Maybe I have something to say to you too. So, and also mark just asked questions about Louie. She didn’t, it was very tame, but you know, there, you’re not allowed to say anything cuz she’s the OG. But the reality is, and this again is my opinion. She’s not getting a spinoff from what I hear. And you know why that is Amanda? Cuz let’s face it. We don’t want her version. We want the real version. So a spinoff with there would be boring. It would be her version of events. Now a wedding on real hazards of New Jersey would be quite interesting cuz we’d see everybody’s opinion. So I’ll just leave that there. I hear she’s not getting a spinoff. I hear it’s part of the season. And if that’s why, I mean,

Amanda (24:24):

Yes. Well remember like remember real Housewives of Atlanta when Cynthia and Peter got married and how good that was. Cause Atlanta and had had Cynthia been producing, like there is no way that they wouldn’t show that like the mom and the sister were holding her marriage license back. They

B (24:45):

Couldn’t pay for it. I mean,

Amanda (24:47):

None of that stuff would’ve been shown. So I totally agree

B (24:51):

Again, peak entertainment and this is why it needs to be on the show. A spinoff candy can get a spinoff. Number one, she’s entertaining enough. But number two, she’s legit. You’re not gonna see anything more juicy on the, you know, the same reason N and Greg got this, got the spin off because you’re not gonna see them not being able to pay or, or whatever, whatever drama we’re gonna see.

Amanda (25:14):

I totally agree. And I think Jersey would be so boring if

B (25:19):

Like I also, I and PE I get such flack. I like Melissa and Joe mm-hmm <affirmative> they’re people that like me and my husband would hang out with. Like, I like them. They’re cool. They’re nice. You don’t need to be the firecracker to have a role on a reality show. You know what? It’s so cool when you can just be like a cute fun couple and that gives you,

Amanda (25:43):

I totally

B (25:43):

Agree. I’ve seen on a reality show.

Amanda (25:45):

So Jersey, I think Jersey would be so boring. You’re totally right. If other people weren’t asking other questions. So I actually, this is something I actually am so curious. Cause we have not talked about this back to the whole Jen thing. Cuz I agree like Jen is like all of ’em shared a bunch of stuff and like I agree like Melissa and Joe are super fun. I wanna go back to something really quickly about Jen, because if you remember, I don’t know if it was last season or the season before and they’re all in Mexico and Marge brought up like your husband cheated. Yes. And was sleeping in the pool house and it kind of ended there. So I’m so curious why I

B (26:30):

Remember that scene too. Came out. You didn’t say your husband cheated. She said your husband sleeps in the pool house when he is not in his girlfriend’s bed. And she was like, what, what? And then Marge goes, hit a nerve. So what Jen actually said at the reunion was like, she’s like, I always knew you would, you would say it like Jen knew, everybody knew, listen, everybody knew this. This was not, Jen may not have spoke about it with her family or her friends, but you’re going on a reality show, people dig. And this was something that was known around.

Amanda (27:01):


B (27:01):

You know?

Amanda (27:02):

So maybe Jen wanted to control the narrative more and by bringing it up on her own this season, what do you think?

B (27:10):

I, I think so. I, I think that what she did was she, she pulled the page outta Mar’s book, which is where she, she took over the narrative, which was smart. I think she handled it incredibly well. I felt sorry for her that it happened, but I wasn’t mad at Margaret because you came for her and first you go on a reality show with this quote unquote secret. Right? So you go on this show, even if she hadn’t come from Margaret, it could have come out. Right. Right. So I think that she didn’t want it to come out, but she made a choice mm-hmm <affirmative> years ago when she decided to do the show that it was more important for her to be on the show, risking it coming out than not be on the show and keep it private. Yeah. So she had a good run.

B (27:54):

I think she probably went much further than she thought she would go without having to address it. I think she was disappointed in the way bill, bill handled it. Mm-hmm <affirmative> I think he should of on camera shown some remorse and spoke about how their marriage was great. And it was 10 years ago and he would never do that now. And you know, he loves that. She looked past it and they built this life and he didn’t do any of that. And that made me feel really sad for her because you know, they had dinner and she talked about getting half and you know, she’s got a whole thing going on now. She doesn’t need him.

Amanda (28:28):


B (28:29):

If she needs his money, which she doesn’t technically need at this point, cuz she has an income, but she will get because she has five children and I’m sure not a prenup. I’d be interested to see how much longer that goes.

Amanda (28:46):


B (28:47):

And I don’t think, I don’t think he would ever leave. I’d be interested to see if she evolves to a point where she’s like, you know what? It’s not even about the affair. It’s about when it publicly came out on our reality show, you just sat there mm-hmm <affirmative> and she said it, you said nothing. You’ve done nothing to support me.

Amanda (29:05):

She’s what am I defending you for? Right.

B (29:09):

You know, what point did someone become deadweight

Amanda (29:11):

Yeah. Well, I don’t know. I’m really sad. This season’s over. Cuz like you were kind of talking about this, but like Jackie,

B (29:18):

Start again soon.

Amanda (29:19):

They all have great roles. Like I think Jackie is a great voice of reason. I Melissa always, oh, I

B (29:26):

Wanna talk. I wanna tell you Jackie’s story. I think it was so incredibly brave of her. I mean, you know, so many women, we, I mean almost all women have issues of appearance, right? Yeah. Self conscious about something. Weight is a big thing for many women. I think it was very brave of her to address it and on camera. And I just, I think Jackie’s a dynamic woman. I, I, I always felt like she was too normal for reality TV because I, I didn’t her family, like to me, she doesn’t need it. Yeah. She’s wealthy outside of it. Her husband has a good job and she doesn’t, it’s not like she’s a business to promote. Right. So many, many Housewives are wealthy, but either they’re famous or ready or they’re promoting something to this time. I don’t I’m. I mean, she, she know she has stuff that she’s partners with and stuff, but she doesn’t have a business she’s promoting. So

Amanda (30:21):


B (30:23):

I think that, I think it was great. I think her storyline was great. I think that she can hold her own. I like her. I think she’s a badass.

Amanda (30:30):

Yeah. And you can’t have all like Jen Shaz right. Like you have to have like certain roles and like I think Jackie is a great voice of reason. I think Melissa brings the fun. I think dolos like, I just like want Dolores to, I

B (30:49):

Love Dolores sister. I love her. Like Dolores is somebody that like, I just, how could you not love her? First of all, if you wanna just look at her kids, I mean, look at her kids and what wonderful, sweet, strong, smart people they are and what a fantastic job she did. Yeah.

Amanda (31:07):


B (31:08):

On her own. And this season we saw it. We heard a lot about Frank that we didn’t know. And Frank’s a great guy now. Right. And he is very involved, but it wasn’t just cheating. He, there were, there was more to it than that. And she really did a lot of that on her own. And he, and it, you know, this season, he was the first one to admit it and to raise like two kids and you know, oh, another thing I I’m really, I have a lot of, I have so much tea today. <laugh> Dolores was, and we know this because we saw her with, I believe Dina at a show when the kids were little, when Lexi was little and Dolores’s kids were little, they were, she was in the background. She went to a couple of events with Caroline. She was supposed to be on season one.

B (31:48):

And she said, no, because her children were young. She wouldn’t do it. She didn’t want them to have them on TV. And we know that she eventually obviously went on, both her kids. One was already in college, which was her daughter, Gabriela, Gabby, and Frankie was, you know, upper grades of high school and going to college. And they were ne you know, they were like on it, but we, it was never about the kids. Yeah. So that’s another thing we, we didn’t know. Dolores could have been on it from season one. She chose not to, and still very good friends with the man. So I feel like we could make 8,000 episodes right now.

Amanda (32:22):

I mean, I don’t know. And like, I mean the whole dynamic with her, and then when Frank was living with her and then Frank is now living with David, her ex-boyfriend, which she just said on the,

B (32:37):

I posted it. Didn’t come out on the reunion. It’s gonna be on the next reunion.

Amanda (32:42):

Oh, is it okay.

B (32:43):

So I know, I know it to be true. Frank and her boyfriend, Paul don’t have the best relationship. Paul doesn’t like their closeness, which, I mean, I understand the not living together part. And that is why Frank doesn’t live in the house, but he he’s uncomfortable with their relationship is what I’m hearing.

Amanda (33:03):

I get that.

B (33:05):

The next season, but I think that Dolores is too smart to make that a storyline. I, I feel like she would leave the show before she put her family in that situation. Yeah. Just knowing, you know, how she didn’t do that years ago. Why would she do that now?

B (33:21):

He is a good guy. And he really loves her. And he is very successful.

Amanda (33:27):

Very well. I hope they figure out, right. Because like, I cannot imagine like the house husbands is like the whole other, like part of the show that we all love. And Frank is a big part of that. I hope Frank and Paul is a new boyfriend. I

B (33:46):

Feel like they will. So the way I see it is see it as like a new relationship. And I see, first of all, I feel like Frank and Frankie will try to smooth it over.

Amanda (33:55):


B (33:56):

And you can understand where Paul’s coming from. I mean, for sure, you know, you can understand how it would be awkward. I think that when he gets, don’t forget, this is a new new-ish relationship. I think that when he’s more in the mix and when he sees it, I think it’s a speed bump, but I definitely think they’ll get past it

Amanda (34:14):

Please. I hope they do because I so enjoy watching them drink too much and making total fools of themselves

B (34:22):


Amanda (34:22):

And getting bill drunk.

B (34:24):

<laugh> I love that.

B (34:29):

Like bill this season, I didn’t like him. I mean, I did like when he stood up for his wife, when they were all out to dinner, I like that I respect that you should stand up for your wife. I mean, what he should have, shown her more of that to her face on camera. Yeah. And I’m not saying he doesn’t do it behind closed doors. I think he probably does. I just think on camera, he wants to put on a certain image. Right. And when you’re filming, you’re not always cognizant of how stuff is, what the optics are gonna be. And I’m sure looking at it. I think next season, we’re gonna see him do more of that. If he’s got a brain in his head, which I mean, he is a surgeon, right. So he has one. We’re gonna see him do more of that. I hope we do. I hope we do, because I think that listen, no, no couple or family is perfect. And I certainly think that they have a good family and people make mistakes and I don’t see why they can’t move past it. But I think he’s gonna have to put some work into it. Can’t all be Jen. That’s not fair.

Amanda (35:23):

Yeah. No, I, I totally agree. I think he’s probably just really uncomfortable. And then, then he has too many drinks and then we’re foolish.

B (35:32):

Right? You were on it. You’re on the show for four years. Yeah. And all of a sudden this comes out. I mean, they thought this wasn’t coming out at this point, they thought they were Gucci. And you know, you ain’t Gucci where you got a skeleton, babe.

Amanda (35:44):

<laugh> I don’t know. I just die. Cause I’m like, I I’ve done some dumb stuff after I’ve been drinking. But the, the polo shirt on backwards on camera, with the hair,

Amanda (35:54):

The hair is so funny and all the memes that have come from that. So I feel like literally we could talk about Jersey four, five days because so much has happened of course, but let’s end today talking about some exclusive tea. So tell us what you’ve got that has not been on the website and has not been on Instagram.



Amanda (40:38):

Yikes. Yeah. Yikes. Well, that was definitely spicy. Holy moly. That is the kind of tea that you can expect when we go on with the podcast, because that is the kind of stuff that I am having to hold, be back from posting so that we can save it so we can have extra spicy tea for you guys for the podcast. So thank you guys so much for listening. Just wanna ask you guys a favor we’re you know, just getting kicked off. So many people have been asking us to do this podcast. So please do subscribe. And if you’ve subscribed, go to your podcast app and hit those three little dots to share with your friends, but only friends who like good tea, because the ones who don’t care about tea, then like forget them. And don’t forget, listen, I’m sorry. Find us on Instagram at Bravo and cocktails underscore and check out the website because some great tea gets put there daily that would get us kicked off of Instagram for sure. Which is why we have the website.

B (41:48):

It has gotten me kicked off Instagram

Amanda (41:50):

Multiple times. Yes. And so now we’re smarter and we just put it at Bravo and cocktail stock when you know better, you do better. <laugh> so thanks for listening everybody. Bye guys. See you next time.

Amanda (42:07):

Thank you guys so much for listening. Just wanna ask you guys a favor, just getting kicked off. So many people have been asking us to do this podcast. So please do subscribe. And if you subscribed go to your podcast app and hit those three little dots to share with your friends, but only friends who like good tea, because the ones who don’t care about tea, then like forget them. And don’t forget, find us on Instagram at Bravo and cocktails underscore and check out the website because some great tea gets put there daily that would get us kicked off of Instagram for sure. <laugh> which is why we haven’t worked. It

B (42:48):

Has gotten me kicked off Instagram

Amanda (42:50):

Multiple times. Yes. And so now we’re smarter and we just put it at Bravo and cocktail style when you know better, you do better. <laugh> so thanks for listening everybody. Bye guys. See you next time.