A Pentecostal comeback…

Apr 12, 2023

Subject: Pentecostal Comeback

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Mary more than likely has snagged her snowflake back, seeing as she is causing the most drama in the group. The group is even more divided as old wounds between some of the ladies and Mary. Mary is back and not holding back. A surprising feud is her and Angie K

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  1. Darren Wright

    Can not see anything

  2. bravoCON

    I’ve actually never dreaded a HW season before this one

  3. J

    That weirdo feuds with everyone except Meredith who is a weirdo herself

  4. R

    Hate this. I would rather watch Jen Shah in prison than see Mary get this platform back.

  5. dorindas hand CLIP

    ugh…. cannot stand Mary. Racist & manipulative


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