Regarding the Girardi investigation w links

Mar 10, 2023

I got another email today from the CA State Bar regarding their investigation into Tom Girardi. They’re releasing a redacted version of the 48 page report detailing how Tom paid off at least 9 members at the State Bar. Here’s a link to the report. I’ll send screen shots of the email too.

Tom Girardi report

here’s a link the the State Bar’s News Release, which attaches links to the two investigation reports. It’s got a good summary of the findings. Holy shit is all I can say.

Bar’s release


  1. Jen

    I wonder how Erika can spin this…

  2. Lauri

    Erika will keep playing stupid but we all know she’s not

  3. Ashley

    Can our lawyer friends please summarize the 48 page report?!


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