About the fake fling…

Mar 2, 2023

From a DM:

also super anon but i can’t with this fake relationship.

One half of the green eyes bandits said on the reunion he was with her the night before the reunion.

That’s a lie. First off the reunion was filmed in Jersey. Meantime he was away actively posting about being in Park City the day before it was filmed and that day.

Not only do I know he was gone his own social media would confirm it.

allegedly written in cursive font


  1. Justine

    On the Bravo social, Ashley said she spoke to them the night before when asked the last housewife she chatted with bc she said they were all supposed to hang out.

  2. Anna

    I don’t understand how anyone’s buying them as a couple, what a joke

  3. Nancy

    Another fake storyline. Really wish she’d stop insulting our intelligence.

  4. S

    When she said that, Jason met her kids, I feel like they all sound down and said this is mommy’s new PR stunt


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