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Feb 6, 2023

From: Blue Eyes

Subject: So Obvious/The Thirst is Real

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It’s funny how hard this OG a housewife  is pushing her PR relationship. She saw her fellow cast mates success and decided to copy paste. However it is way less believable when the snow suitor only seems interested in cougar level older women when they are real housewives. At least he took the Dubai housewife to Carbone. He’s always out in NYC with younger girls and serially follows Instagram hoes and other 20-somethings. Not to mention this is his third attempt at reality tv stardom. RHOP and winter house are the same production company so it makes sense they’re using both shows for press opportunities.

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  1. Cougar town

    Gizelle continues to copy and paste just like she does with her storylines. However, could hardly say this is repeat cougar for Jason when Brooks (Dubai) is actually younger than him.

  2. Kim

    Gizelle brings NOTHING TO RHOP! She’s a huge disappointment and needs to be a friend of. She’s had absolutely no storyline like Rinna for years and instead chooses to make storylines up as to not share her personal life. Get off the reality show then. I’m so sick of this pattern in housewives.

  3. Jennie

    Well I don’t think Gizelle is saying they are serious, she said she was just having fun. Robyn in her people magazine interview basically said Gizelle is seeing multiple people & not taking Jason serious.

  4. Mohammad Yasin Alvi

    She is just with. Jason because he is a hot guy with a gorgeous body and she is having fun only.


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