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Jan 13, 2023


So for the Wrestling tea people wanted. Long story short Dad got in a lot of trouble because for YEARS he was harassing/hooking up with employees (he has a type lol…) it starts to come out and his daughter and the newer generation tell him it’s bad, and he needs to step down because more is coming out (and some still hasn’t…) Many of the folks in that world told him he shouldn’t have stepped down, and he should have continued.

EVERYONE was grateful he stepped down. Many talents came back, and ratings were going up. He was a MASSIVE control freak, and would do some dumb stuff on TV. It was really bad for a bit.

So his daughter who’s pretty progressive and has publicly been pushing the WWE into the new world (more focus on the health of wrestlers, including women, etc.)

And now- he is coming back to “save the day”

So his daughter is NOT having it- and is embarrassed. They are making it look like she stepped down because she wanted to be with her kids. Who are NOW teens/preteens… not babies. So it makes no sense. She works an insane schedule while they are little, but now they are semi independent she now needs to be home with them. No- she didn’t want all the stuff that is going to come with having daddy back. And making her and her husbands hard work and reputations look like crap.

The crazy part is on Tuesday it came out that the country of Saudi Arabia wanted to buy them (they do a yearly pay per view there- and are buddy buddy because SA puts out MASSIVE $$$ to get them there and to host the show there…)

But the feedback was massive and negative- and she resigned earlier that day prior to it coming out. Because she and her husband have been about correcting some of the bad stuff that her dad did. And this would be a massive loss of staff because most do not want to work for the Saudi’s. Some won’t even allow themselves to go to the pay per view (and make 6-7 figures for that SINGLE show.)


  1. The real tea

    Not exactly the timeline but close. Stephanie isn’t as progressive as this tipster thinks. She talks openly about using charity as PR and the women’s push was only because of audience pushback. The one women’s only ppv was because of the outrage about the Saudi partnership.

    The real story is her not taking a leave this time (in fairness, her husband almost died due to his heart so a lit of personal parts here), is she completely stepped down, put her resignation in, and has left the company.
    Vince elected himself chairman of the board again, and brought back two former execs that would vote with him. He fired three other people on the board, and two others were forced to resign, including the person that investigated his misconduct.

    Wrestlers ate very unhappy. Right before Vince was forced out, he cut a lot of wrestlers. When his daughter took over, many of those wrestlers were given their jobs back. Morale of the whole company lifted with his departure. Now a lot of unknowns.

  2. WWE fan

    Yup. Vince was caught paying off his, I’ll call them victims purely for the power imbalance, with money from the company. So, he stepped down. Stephanie and Paul took over and did a huge turnaround. Talent that was laid off and no one understood why, was brought back and ratings started coming back. Now Vince is coming back. If the Saudi deal is real, its all Vince. Women weren’t even allowed to wrestle there until 2019 with Natalya and Lacey Evans. I can see why Stephanie would want to walk away. She’s done so much for the women’s division and Paul so much for the new generation. Vince had horrible story lines. It would be so bad for WWE.

  3. Denise

    Come on. This is fan fiction.

  4. Wrestling mark

    Don’t forget about the Bella twins step dad. He stepped down the same time Vince did because it was alleged that he and Vince used to swap girls. And then of course there are all the rumours that he used to have spas with the twins so he could help advance their careers. This was prior to him marrying their mum of course.

  5. WorldWrestlingExposè

    Vince McMahon, Stephanie and Triple H! Wild what’s been going on behind the scenes! Ironically Vince pulled a DT on Jan 6th of this year! Put himself back on the board of directors and fired a few and stacked it with his people..there’s a good pod called Jim.Cornette out there that goes deep into it (he used to work for vince for many years)


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