Word around town..

Dec 2, 2022

I was in Charleston this past weekend and got some tea on Southern Charm. TR is NOT liked around town AND he is banned from most bars and restaurants.. They said KD is one of the nicest person from the cast…


  1. Mohammad Yasin Alvi

    I swear I’ve seen this before that TR isn’t liked at all and after his sexual abuse scandal he was banned from places. Not surprised about Kd she was so kind at bravocon

  2. Self promoting

    Hi Katherine

  3. Carol

    I can believe TR is not liked but don’t believe that racist KD is one of the nicest of anything.

  4. Charming

    TR is NOT liked throughout the state…

  5. Aikenite

    He’s not in Charleston anymore. Probably why he moved to Aiken.

  6. Couch P.I.

    Years ago, I saw a site online that actually posted a perimeter on a map of the places in Charleston that was a “T-Rav free zone”. He’s been banned for years

  7. SouthernChic

    Thanks for the update Kathryn.

  8. CTimmy

    Are we really shocked by Thomas. Pretty sure he is hated in every town. Pig. As for KD. Stop it. No one believes that. Ever.

  9. Lisa Barlow’s Diet Coke

    I live here and can honestly say KD is very sweet and down to earth in person

  10. CHSmaven

    I’m from Charleston, and for the record-TR is only one of MANY MANY MANY men that act the same way. Truly a town where men never grow up-or get punished for wrong doings.

  11. Abusers suck

    KD was emotionally and verbally abused by that man. He set her up to lose her kids. He is a vile human and KD deserves kindness and compassion. Love her!

  12. Pat

    Unpopular opinion but I don’t think KD is actually racist, just not very bright. I do appreciate the times she’s glad out Naomi and Cam bc they do have mean girl/clique behavior


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