How will they introduce her?

Nov 20, 2022

From: RHONJ New Mem

Subject: RHONJ Newbie

Spill It to
RHONJ new cast member appears to have a little more in common with the full time housewife she replaced. Her deleted Instagram account is @bravolover1234. She’s tagged in Frank Catania’s girlfriends Instagram from years ago. Another fan turned housewife? Can’t wait to see how they introduce her.

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  1. Beverly

    Rachel Fuda

  2. Beverly

    Rachel Fuda, Zia Melissa’s “friend”

  3. MirE

    Danielle? It says the housewife she replaced & all reports are saying Danielle is the one going full time

  4. Nope

    Assuming the “housewife she replaced” is Jackie since she was photographed at one of Theresa’s book signings


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