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Nov 14, 2022

From: Andrew Who

Subject: Bravo & Production

Spill It to
All the social media pages that focus on housewives are being monitored by producers and the network. They are seeing what the fans are saying and want and are taking into consideration the opinions of the viewers. But at the end of the day, they do have their own idea planned out and storylines set up for the cast members. So casting really also falls on who can fit a specific role.

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  1. Pig in a Wig


  2. No Thanks

    This is my biggest fear with bravo. Squeaky wheel and a little groupthink get the grease.

  3. Please go away

    If that was true, Joe and Melissa wouldn’t still be on TV

  4. Titsmcgee

    Bravo you suck you never listen to us. For example, we hear you’re bringing john mellancamps daughter back, but we want no part in her eating disorder diet program

  5. Incorrect

    Yeah, uh, no. That’s not how Bravo casting works.

  6. Icks

    Dear bravo :

    NO to
    1. Teddi mellencamp (really boring and there is nothing relatable about her despite trying hard w weighloss journey etc….she’s not made for tv)

    2. Vick : gross human, not attractive and yells to solve problems. She’s not enjoyable to watch.

    3. Candiace Dillard : what a non enjoyable person to watch. She makes humans look bad

  7. O. Okay

    I will choose to view this as Bravo’s opportunity to win back my viewership. Please get rid of all the fakes, the criminals, and the all-around vile humans: Teresa, Jen, Erika, Rinna, Dorit, Ramona…who did I forget? And sure as HELL do not bring back Kim. Ugh.

    Do I really believe this? Oh hell no. Bravo doesn’t give a rat’s ass about anyone’s character, if they think they can make a buck.

  8. No ma’am

    Then please hear this.. for the love of god no teddi, Vicki, Ramona or Rinna please and thank you ?

  9. Nj

    Bravo reading this: we all can’t stand Teresa find a new NJ cast!!!

    Also less vicious fights and more fun friendships please. The family vileness is too much

  10. Nah

    I take surveys for NBC and they’re always about Bravo…so I don’t think this is true.

  11. TeamTeddi

    So so sick of reading all your people putting Teddi in the same category as awful humans, like Vicki, Ramona & Jen. You are the ones who keep Teddi relevant by hating on her SO much. Bravo always needs someone to hate, so please keep hating on Teddi keeping her trending each week cause I love a normal down to earth person and would love to have her back.

  12. Hell NO

    I hope they hear this… NO MORE KIM ZOLCIAK BIERMANN!!

  13. Team RAMONA

    Okay, hey BRAVO: As someone in their mid-20’s who just started watching HW’s this year, you need to bring back Ramona. Stop worrying about being SO politically correct- that woman is a walking meme and a fucking legend.

  14. MirE

    As much of a Gorga fan as I am, I’d love for them to go. BUT I want them to get their own show that focuses on them spending time with her family. They all seem so fun and love to live life


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