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Nov 9, 2022

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RHOA is coming along from what I’m hearing from production. All the pics that are being posted online of the cast are including the ladies that are testing who are meshing well with the current cast and are possibly going to make the final casting cut. Heard from multiple sources that they are looking to have 7 housewives this season. So Monyetta and the 2 new ladies are all working towards possibly being a peach holder.

Keke Wyatt has been approached to be a housewife and they loved her big personality, however it seems her friendship/allegiance to Nene Leakes seems like that fizzled down.

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  1. J

    I wish some other network could just give Nene a show. I miss her on my screen

  2. Fan

    J- Nene is amazing! I do too!!

  3. Magenta Yenta

    Make Monyetta a full time hw! I wanna hear (and see) more of her hubby 😍


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