Number one girl in the group?

Oct 17, 2022

The VPR star who’s been hooking up with various cast mates since she broke off her engagement got up on stage WASTED and “mixed” the Toms up. She’s trying to stir up shit for the new season because at the VPR panel everyone said she was the messiest, etc. Gunning for breakout star.

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  1. JerseySunshine

    Raquel – she’s definitely gotten helllla messy!!

  2. Try hard

    She is trying way too hard to be relevant. James got her on the show and kept things interesting. A lot of people were sympathetic to her because of what an ass he is. Sounds like she’s going opposite of sweet & innocent. Not here for it.

  3. Melissa


  4. Kim Lo

    She’s been looking a little ❄️ bloated in the pics too. Or party bloated.

  5. Dixcgirl

    For sure something was off with her. She seemed…. Cold❄️…


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