What’s in the water?!

Sep 4, 2022

From: Bravo Fan

Subject: What’s in the water in Charleston?

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Good authority that one of the cast members basically screwed over their business partner. This castmate essentially tried to ice out their business partner (changed the locks without telling, put cameras in their office without telling, etc.). Although the star had given multiple interviews stating this person was their business partner, they never had a formal business agreement so the partner decided to file a lawsuit against said castmate.

ALSO rumors are true that another castmate has given multiple women std’s. Apparently they would get a hotel room and they would just call girls and as one would leave another would come.

Just funny because the trashiest behavior comes from people who think they’re above everyone else.

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  1. Jackie

    Naomi screwed over her business partner & Shep gives women stds all alleged

    • Madison Doesn’t Lie

      Knew Dani’s reaction to get the STD was more horrified truth than horrified at the accusation

  2. charming

    Naomie (Ginny Cox was the biz partner)

    …and probably Shep?

    • Anita

      Ginny is a known klepto in the retail busniess…wouldn’t surprise me if she stole from Naomi too

  3. Alli

    Definitely Shep🤮🤮

  4. Sdotbalm

    Naomi/Craig?? Shep??

  5. QueenVee322

    But the entire cast wants to judge Kathryn 🤔 Shame on all of them!

    • Lisa

      Yasssss that’s what I have been saying

      • Not charming, just money

        First, I hate this show bc everyone is badly behaved rich children…..not charming. Naomi made an impact on me as just another rich kid who didn’t need to try and could get away w being lame bc her dad was rich.

        I take Bethany frankel any day!

    • Kathryn’s eyelashes

      Their actions doesn’t take away the fact the Kathryn is awful. She brings nothing to the show.

    • Bravo Snob

      Well that’s because Kathryn sucks and never takes any accountability for being an awful entitled human 💁🏼‍♀️

  6. WYKYK

    Naomie has always struck me as unwarranted arrogance. Those are crappy moves.

  7. IKnow Better


    Austen and don’t be surprised, it’s him.

  8. Titsmcgee

    Naomi is tw*t and Shep is a pervert 🤷‍♀️ Sorry not sorry

  9. Renee

    Shep is a bastard man

  10. Virginia Slims

    I always thought that Dani’s reaction to the rumor of Shep giving her an STD was over the topfor supposedly being false. The way she was chain smoking those menthols after, you could tell there was some truth to that story.

    • get tested


  11. Syd

    Remember when Naomie stole the art work of a local artist? She’s terrible.

    • Ginny

      What?!? Share more !

  12. Tata

    Naomi is a spoiled brat

  13. Glad Taylor Ran

    Shep is a narcissist whose behavior is becoming worse and worse as he ages! The next Thomas Revenel 🤢

    Naomi, but I heard her business partner has also been shady in the past so there may be 2 sides to this story

  14. Not charming

    If Shep gives girls std’s does Taylor have one? Sad if she does.

  15. ShepBeSoNasty

    After two years with him I’d be SHOCKED if Taylor didn’t have one by now. That’s probably part of the reason she was so hesitant to leave him, hate to say… 😬


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