The fall out..::

Aug 10, 2022

One of her kids confided something to Her BFF. BFF confronted the situation and she was like hell no bye because she does not like anything negative said to her. Kid then denied saying anything to keep the peace. Allegedly.


  1. It's early


  2. Anon

    Dina and Tre, not sure which daughter though 🤔

  3. Jennifer

    Teresa and Dina about Luis! I’m assuming audriana told Dina

  4. Louie the loser

    Tre and Dina. Tre is digging a big hole to keep people away.

  5. Family Over the D

    Dang Tre picked a man over her kids

  6. Miss Manzo

    Uggggh, Dina and Tre. My guess on the kid would be Melania. She’s a Daddy’s girl and sees those red flags

  7. Zen girl

    If I understand this correctly… Audriana allegedly confided something about Tre to Dina, her godmother and then Dina confronted Tre and that’s where it went downhill …so my question is … what could be so huge for the kid to tell Dina and for it to cause such a big issue ?

    • Love is blind

      It does not say which daughter & since Milana was not at the shower I’m guessing it was her. But it could of been any of them. Tre is a fool when he love bubble pops it’s going to be a fing mess.

  8. Jules

    Dina and Teresa!

  9. Nobody

    As someone who’s mother repeatedly chose to be with a man, after her daughters and friends warned her about for years. Tre will end up broke and single again. It will be “how did I not know?!” and “I can’t believe/how could he do this to me?” Sad when the moms don’t listen to their own kids when they say someone is a bad person.

    • Over Tre

      And then Bravo will continue to give her sorry ass a platform/money as if we are supposed to feel sorry for her. This is a pattern. I don’t care anymore

      • NoMoreTre


      • Agree!

        This!! 100% this!! 🙌🏽

  10. South American Girl

    Gabriella and Audriana are similar, they both shy away from the cameras. I think one of them saw something and or got a “ red flag” vibe from Luis, and shared it with Dina or someone else!!

  11. Sondra Price

    Going a totally different direction. Leva & Venita.

  12. Ingredientses to life

    She’s teaching her kids to be in denial and untruthful. Hopefully the kids see this as something they DONT want to be. Regardless they’ll all likely have trauma due to their parents actions/behavior. 😣


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