Name that RHOBH family…

May 12, 2022

They were at the pool at the Boca Beach Club where I am a member and we were chatting with ‘ she was on the phone walking around with a cigarette) have pics to prove – anyway after we left – someone (either her or told our cabana attendant that we told them they could use our cabana for the rest of the day. The cabana office called us to confirm (because it’s was our cabana for the summer) and we did not offer it to them. Not that I wouldn’t have – but they lied and said we did – also heard they were horrible to staff all weekend long.
Anonymous please



  1. Nana

    Tacky pretending to be rich people acting like they can take whatever……too bad there is always someone more wealthy or important. Glad the call was made to cabana folks.

  2. JJZK

    Dorit and PK ?

    • Follow the clues

      Doesn’t fit the scratched out name at all. Dorit, Garcelle, and Sutton all have names that are too long.

      Looks like Lisa to me.

      • Yup

        Yup, either Lisa and Harry or Kyle and Mo was what I thought. I picture Lisa smoking ciggies more than Kyle.

        • Veronicar

          Kyle ,smokes. I don’t know if Lisa does.

      • hmmmmm

        I think the first scratched out name is Dorit… the other two are PK

        • PayDaTaxMan

          Agree. It looks like Dorit and PK. As in they were chatting with PK. Hanging at the pricey Boca Beach Club despite owing HUGE back taxes. Gross.

  3. Clueless

    Someone help a girl out! I have no idea

  4. N

    Amelia smokes….

  5. Anon


  6. HBT

    Lisa and Harry?

  7. Lisa Lisa Lisa

    My guess, Lisa.

  8. BRAVO.F-ing.BRAVO

    It’s PK and Dorit
    Look at the pic after this blind. Plus PK’s name is the only one short enough to match

  9. Who is who

    I feel like the only names short enough to fit would be Kyle or Lisa.

    • Nana

      I don’t think Kyle would need to bum/lie about cabana……Mo and agency work would make these rich people “share” bc they want a good relestate good on their team.

  10. Not Sutton

    Not Dorit and PK stealing a cabana! ?

  11. Pasta

    Def PK and Dorit. PK is scratched out (that’s who they were talking to) and then it mentions “she” meaning Dorit.

  12. anony

    The whited out name is really short, it must be PK.

  13. Tea

    Could be Lisa and HH. The HH fits!

  14. Nacho Cheese or cool ranch?

    The cig makes me think of Doritos and PK seeing how they’re “so”European and all. I can’t see Harry being rude to staff nor caring about the cabana enough to lie about it

  15. Laur

    Pk and dorit. Dorits parents live in Boca

  16. L stephens

    Rinna is def not a smoker

  17. Justice

    Dorit smokes, PK smokes, they are grifters, there’s plenty of evidence out there..makes you wonder if the robbery was true ..just sayin’

  18. EK

    Lisa and Ken!! Lisa smoked on earlier RHOBH episodes. Also fits the scratch outs


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