Selling and leaving!

May 8, 2022

The star of the show who all the other ladies hate flipped the script. She started her own real estate firm. The brothers are more than unhappy. They’re nervous. She’s taking all her connections with her. Next season will be extra juicy! Allegedly!


  1. Hahaha

    Christine recently opened RealOpen.

  2. Hello

    Christine that you!?

  3. nm

    Christine Quinn

  4. Stacy

    Christine. Not sure why the boys would be nervous. It’s known that she doesn’t sell very many houses (at least visible on mls) and let her licence lapse for a while. The O group is established, don’t think they have much to worry about

    • Lucy

      Didn’t one of the brothers leave the O group? I thought I heard a rumor that it’s just Jason now?

  5. Maaaaay

    Oh please they have nothing to be worried about 💀💀💀💀 the Christine sympathizers are next level

  6. KC

    So as an agent, your clients technically and legally signed agency agreements with the brokerage, not the singular agent. So if you leave a brokerage, whoever wants to can work with you wherever you go, but could also prefer to stay with the more established brokerage for various reasons. Not exciting but true.

  7. HB

    Good for Christine. I don’t think she’s a great person but she knew what made good reality tv and the others didn’t get it. She will remain successful and no one will remember the others names but their grudges will still be intact.

  8. Elena

    Selling Sunset has the most boring cardboard personalities. Christine played a good villain. She gave most of them a good storyline and now they don’t have that. And I’m not even a big fan of her! Now Selling the OC looked really good…Heather thankfully isn’t on it so I will watch.


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