The Assistant…

May 2, 2022

He was cheating with the assistant and he told her he would leave his wife. Ultimately when his wife was asked back to the show full time he decided to stay with his wife, he wants his 15 minutes of fame. Two possible outcomes, she finally leaves him got good or once she’s no longer on the show he’ll leave her for good. Watch and see. Allegedly.


  1. Ben

    Drew obviously

  2. Miami girl

    Drew from RHOA?

  3. Dru in Danger Girl

    This is definitely about Dru in Atlanta. I was cringing watching the whole assistant scene in last nights episode.

    • Shady 30A

      It was painful to watch! She needs to open her eyes and just leave him.

  4. Kjo

    You could tell there was more to the story by how drew kept reacting. She knew more than she was telling

  5. Bravosugarbaby

    The only running Drew should be doing is running to her attorney and getting that paperwork filed ?

  6. nm

    LEAVE HIS A$$, Drew!

  7. Em

    Idk if they’re both full of shit, or just him. But seemed to be lots of lies between Drew and her cheating husband. She can do much better.

  8. Mare

    Could this be Heather & Terry Dubrow?

    • Jen

      That’s what I thought too. Kelly said that everyone knew he was fooling around with his assistant.

  9. Fancy pants

    This is definitely Terry and heather. I live in Newport and run a high end catering company. Heather fired every decent looking female chef I sent her and would rage text me to send a man because Terry would flirt with all of them

    • Cannigive youamassage

      You don’t watch rhoa and it shows

  10. Lol

    Totally Drew and Ralph…ugh! Terry Dubrow doesn’t need 15 minutes of fame…he’s good. Lol!

  11. Sayitisntso

    But who is the assistant? And does she live in Tampa????

  12. braVoaddiCt_

    Drew if you’re reading this, leave Ralph’s sorry ass!! The way he spoke to her at the “romantic dinner”, I was crushed for her. TV show or not, I woulda let him watch me walk for the last damn time!


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