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Apr 27, 2022


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Did you see that Ashley from Below Deck Sailing is doing porn on OnlyFans? The videos and pictures are on Reddit. She was a web cam girl before joining the show and clearly only joined for clout. Wonder if this will be addressed at the reunion or if Andy will address the fact that she pretty much XXXXX Gary on last night’s episode.

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  1. Capt. Glenn

    This doesn’t surprise me at all. It seems like the only reason she joined the show was to f@&$ Gary

  2. I still don't like Garry

    I could see the OF happening from the getgo. I’m hoping that someone would say something about what happened with Garry at the reunion, if the tables were turned I think there would be a bigger reaction and did she lie about the BJ? #predatorybehaviour

  3. CP

    Good for her!!

    • Nat

      For raping someone???

  4. Come Sail Away

    Does this literally say that she basically r**** Gary?! I think that is an incredibly bold statement and not true. I DO NOT like Ashley, but Gary is a horndog and will fuck anything with a vagina. I thin Gary very much remembered everything from the night with Ashley but knows he looks like an idiot so he’s trying to play dumb. Either way, Ashley sucks

    • AM

      Did you watch the episode? He was blacked out. If the roles were reversed it would be a HUGE issue.

    • Titsmcgee

      What a gross, misinformed comment. Here’s the script, I did a rewatch so all you don’t have to rip your eyeballs out- “ Gary: Well, you said you were going to massage me. That’s what I came down here for.

      Ashley: I am massaging you. I’m just so sorry I took my shirt off.

      Gary: Holy shit.

      Ashely: I want you to fuck me.

      Gary: oh yeah? Go on then. Go on then. Gary you’ve been a baaaaaaad boy (clearly slurring). You’ve been a baaaaaaad boy.

      *Commercial Break*

      Gary: I thought I was getting a friendly massage.

      Ashley: You’re fucking inside of me right now. We’re way past that.

      Gary: Okay. Get it out. Okay we’re not having sex, we’re not having sex.

      Ashley: We already are. It’s already in.”

      *Cut to Colin/Maro*

      Gary then told her he’d be back in 2 minutes and took off as Ashley kept saying she didn’t believe him and tried to keep him there.

      • Bea

        Clearly he was wasted beyond belief. Will anything come of it, no. But really imagine the roles were reversed and this was a girl, even an “easy” girl. It would be a HUGE deal!!!

    • J

      Just because he’ll f anything with a vagina doesn’t mean he can’t be raped when he says no. That’s like saying a girl who is a “slut” can’t be raped because she’s easy.

    • Alicia

      Consider what you’re saying here. It’s not rape because he’s a horndog? Despite the fact that he repeatedly turns her down, says he came into the room for a massage but she takes her clothes off, and he telling him “too late, it’s already in” when he resists. No matter how actions elsewhere, this behavior is alarming and is definitely rape.

  5. Mel

    She rubs me the wrong way. Like yeah Gary is a player but she took advantage of him. Said no. Guys can be sexually assaulted too. I don’t believe the whole bj thing. Somethings off with her and this doesn’t surprise me lol

  6. Disappointed

    She needs to be held accountable. That behavior is disgusting and should not be tolerated. I feel bad for Gary. If roles were reversed, he would have been stopped. Production failed, and then aired it all.

  7. Bravo fan

    Does anyone know what sub Reddit the pics are on? I looked last night and couldn’t find it….

    • Eww

      Type ashley marti in reddit and it comes up

  8. Sandra

    I felt like Gary was pretending not to remember. It sounded like he got it in and then realized wtf he was doing and got out of there. Seemed like she made up the bj tho. And holy moly she’s not the only below deck star on Reddit! I can’t believe what all I just looked at ?

    • Curious!

      Where do we find this???

      • Sandy

        Belowdeckpics on Reddit

    • Eww

      Who else?

      • Sandy

        Rhylee Gerber and Madison stalker were the other most posted ones and Anastasia survmova

  9. Wow

    My husband and I watched it and usually he’ll say I’m dramatic (which I usually am) to something like this. However even he agreed that Gary was raped and she took full advantage of him being blacked out. We were shocked.

  10. M

    Gary might be a “horndog” but he was explicitly avoiding hooking up with Ashley. He didn’t want to, he basically said “no” while it was happening. And whether or not he actually remembers the night, he was clearly very intoxicated.

    If the roles were reversed and Gary was trying to get with Ashley every night, she continued to say no and then one night got drunk enough to hook up with him….Gary would have been fired, maybe edited out of the show, and definitely hated by everyone.

    We need to stop the narrative that an attractive girl can’t r*pe a man. Ashley is used to guys throwing themselves at her (or at least she says she is) and she couldn’t handle this one time rejection. Her whole story line is literally trying to hook up with Gary.


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