About that influencer under fire…

Apr 25, 2022

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ANON PLZ. she is AWFUL. she insta stalked her group of “friends” for years before she actually infiltrated their group. she stole bits of everyone’s personalities and created this “it’s me tim” persona. NONE OF IT IS HER ACTUAL AUTHENTIC SELF. she’s actually a very mean spirited, hits you where it hurts kind of person. (not talking about ten years ago, i’m talking about now) has anyone not noticed that her only “friends” are her staff rn? because they all dropped her. they were DONE with the bs. everyone has been waiting for her true character to finally show. also for someone who is so into being herself, she has a weird obsession with the “cool” girl. she literally will watch them on insta for months until she makes her move to become BFF. LA is a small small world and mean tweets are just the tip of her awful iceberg.

Also since this is a bravo account she was liking tweets similar to jenny’s memes …. soooo I don’t know


  1. It’s me

    Christina Najjar

  2. Kat

    I completely believe this.. she’s always seemed inauthentic to me she’s an expert on LA but lived there for what 2 years? In a pandemic.. And NYC like a year? Cool your parents are rich and have an apartment in tribeca to visit but seriously… also the fat tweets don’t surprise me at all she’s obsessed with her appearance but acts like she’s not,

  3. Kel

    Kind of ironic that this is hating on her for being a mean girl, while simultaneously being “mean girls” to her? Obviously people like something that she is doing on ig so now bullying her somehow makes you better?

    • Not here for it

      I don’t know her and don’t really care (beyond these general updates that break up my work day) – but calling someone out for their own actions and deceptive tactics isn’t bullying or being a mean girl. She did this. She chose to deceive.

      And I’m not saying she should be canceled. Hopefully she learns and grows as a person. But…

      Action, meet consequence.

  4. Loveteabutdontcareforsunsets

    “Action, meet consequences.” Is by far one of the best comments ever left on here lmao

  5. Sam

    Wait, so who is it? I think I missed it 😵‍💫.


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