Insider Abercrombie tea !

Apr 23, 2022

Text from image: 

People in the home office had tattoos of the moose. We sent our fit models to get body wraps and facials before they were to go in front of Mike to show the lines for each season because when told us one had fat knees and the other had an ugly face. When a designed showed corduroy to Mike for the Abercrombie kids line he asked if our customers was a “retard” for liking corduroy when it’s not in fashion. The majority of the office were Coke heads who just bashed eachother in the office all day. It was insane. I didn’t wear the clothes but it was great for the resume. After a few years | had to leave it was toxic. So much more than just that. Everyone working there was largely 20something. Very smart. Very good looking.

Oh. And he also asked us (I was on the design team) to only do button fl the mens denim because it enhanced their “packages” and if we did zip fly we had to add material to the fly to make the “package bigger”.

He makes the devil wears Prada seem compassionate.


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