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Apr 12, 2022

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Subject: Vanderpump Shakeup

Spill It to #RHONY isn’t the only show to be rebooted. After a disaster of a season Bravo are rebooting the once triumphant Vanderpump Rules franchise. The plan is simple for the network. Rest the OG show for a year, and give Leva Boneparte’s Southern Charm spin off the time slot. The second part of the plan is to launch ‘Vanderpump Valley, a spin off starring the OG couples and fan favorites as they navigate their lives as adults and no longer Sur employees. This has already been green-lit. The next part is to keep the popularity of the two Tom’s alive on the network with a spin off entitled ‘When Lisa Met TomTom’ which will be a spin off surround the two Tom’s and their lives as business owners but both are expected to star on Vanderpump Valley also. The final idea is once the OG show has rested for a year, Vanderpump Rules will return but will be centred round Vanderpump’s LGBT bar Pump. With a total recast with only Lisa remaining on the show, and the old cast will essentially be forgotten.The network originally thought to cancel the main show and launch Pump Rules: Las Vegas but casting proved slow. The network are taking time to make sure the cast they select are LGBT and diverse. They want to forget about the past cast and eventually phase them out once Vanderpump Valley runs it’s course.


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  1. Kathryn

    If this is true, it’s amazing! I’m here for it 🙌

  2. Anne

    Bring it on! Would definitely watch!!

  3. CharlestonBlonde

    Yes!! Leva’s spin-off is going to be 🔥, I know some of the cast, holy drama!

  4. Laa

    What about Stassi and Beau? They don’t live in the valley but I would imagine most people would want them on the show.

  5. CharlestonBlonde

    The Leva spin-off is going to be 🔥!! I know some of the cast, holy drama!!

  6. Michelle

    There were blinds that Leva’s spin off has producer-manufactured drama…meaning that it’s fake.

    • AnonCharleston

      It’s all fake. The “employees” at her club that are shown on the show don’t even work there. They were hired solely for the show.

  7. KT

    I’m here for the Valley! I would love to see the OG gang back on TV! Won’t watch if Stassi isn’t on it. Don’t care about TomTom.

    • You ok girl

      Gross 🤮 do you pay $9 for her stupid Patreon too?

      I’ll never understand Stassi fans or people who love that sociopathic narcissist Jax

      • Faith, is that you?

        Are you ok girl? She didn’t mention Jax and there’s more Stassi fans than there aren’t so get a grip and let people live with their own opinions.

  8. VP

    It’s about time the OGs are back! Don’t care about the Tom’s, but the old cast coming back is the only way this show will survive. And be the gold it once was.

  9. Tee

    Wlall for it as long as Kristen doesn’t appear. Also don’t think the Tom Tom’s need their own spin off?

  10. Anon

    Am I the only one stuck on Leva spin off? Barf. She sucks.

    The rest of this is awesome news though

  11. Veronicar

    As long as Jax isn’t on any of the shows I don’t really care who is.

  12. Raquelle

    No James Kennedy Please

  13. Nana

    Omg! Ick. Make those child adults grow up, and act their age. I hate them and VPR, no interest in watching sh*tty people be parents.

    • American Dream

      Welcome to America, Nana. This is actual reality in the states

  14. Vanderpump Valley Stan

    Fans begged and pleaded for Miami for years, look how well their return season did. Give us our VPR OGs and watch the show flourish!

  15. Jana

    “…with the old cast essentially be forgotten.” LOL what? To replace them eventually with a new show, with new people, at a new bar we haven’t seen… it will just be different. No one is forgetting about the OGs 😂 esp, if they make “vanderpump valley” it take on a life of it’s on.

  16. SusieQhatesyou

    Dying to know which of the old cast will be forgotten.

    Much to everyone’s distaste, Jax made for great TV. Loved to hate-watch him weekly, watching him unravel & sweat in rage.

    Kinda like Lala, she’s irritating and entitled beyond belief – but producers love it when you get fans talking, plus her personal life is a mess so they’re def going to keep her.

    Tom Schwartz is a total snooze. Sandoval will be fine regardless of tv as he’s got that A type personality who will always give 110% into any project.

    I miss the days of crazy Kristen. I could take it or leave it with Scheana though.


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