Shady in the OC…

Apr 11, 2022

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I lived in the same building as her and I guess that’s where he lives now. Lol. I moved though before I did I would go to the local Italian restaurant where they would go all the time. When he and Vicki were still together. It was really gross. Everyone knew and would kiss their asses. It was strange. I have seen Vicki and Tamra around town for years and even though I’m neutral on Vicki | wanted no part in supporting an affair. I would randomly go there and they would always be there on discount wine nights and announced everything publicly. They were not hiding anything. I knew about the engagement weeks before and even though we would casually just say hi he had the audacity to insinuate that their engagement news would be on TMZ like anyone cares. He just really rubs me the wrong way. She does too. I don’t want to talk badly about people I do not know. Please keep anon if you post any of this.

They were not hiding it.

It was really icky.

I lived in the same building as the new bride.

Of course! It was really weird. They were saying they were getting engaged weeks before it was announced. I say she either gets pregnant really quickly though not sure if it will last. Anyways.



  1. Stacy

    Icky Gunvalson is a con, she’s an insurance salesman for gods sake! Her relationship with sleazy Steve was a con and she was in on it the entire time. Can we cancel Icky now?

    • IckiVivki

      Amen. Thank God someone else sees the truth of Icky Vicky. Her own kids can’t stand her.


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