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Apr 10, 2022

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I have an amazing top chef story for you if you want it. It involves a very high profile hotel ceo (i worked for him and his company) and this was before the metoo movement. He was disgusting. Padma called him out as the worst guest judge. Flew in on a private helicopter, was high on as a kite and was black out drunk. I wonder if i can find the episode. He said in front of my boyfriend at the time once “Fuck this guy your clothes will look better on my floor tonight instead of his I guarantee it. “And he had just gotten married. Initials S.and after the top chef disaster he hired a crisis management team. Hotels were (block out cause I’m terrified of this man like most) which is sadly now closed. I can’t believe they had him on their and aired the episode

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  1. Amy

    Sam Nazarian. It was the Napa finale episode.

  2. Anon

    I don’t know who this is but when Padma, Gail and Tom were on WWHL and were asked who the worst guest judge was, Tom point at Padma and was like I know you have one and she kind of clammed up. So I’m pretty sure this is true

  3. Craig

    Sam Nazarian? Season 6 finale

  4. Jj

    Steve Wynn??

    • Kel

      That would make sense. I have heard horror stories about him….

  5. dolly

    Sam Nazarian

  6. Julie

    Who is the worst-mannered guest judge on Top Chef so far? “Sam Nazarian, who is a restaurateur and not an actual chef. In the Napa finale he had bad manners. I’ll leave it at that,” is Lakshmi’s quasi-diplomatic diss.

  7. Speidi

    It explains why in that same year Brent Bolthouse left SBE. He didn’t want to deal with that mess.


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