Charming Winter…

Apr 10, 2022


  1. No VPR

    Tom & Tom are in the cast this season? Ugh.

    • CAS

      Agreed! Not interested in them, especially Sandoval. 😬

      • Michelle

        Especially him 💯

  2. Tee

    Ooo I wonder if Craig’s brings up the jason/lindsay/miscarriage saga?! That would be interesting

    • Sarah

      Oooo that would be interesting bc honestly what else do they have to beef about.

  3. No thank you

    Maybe I’m in the minority here, but I’m kind of over the “cross-overs.” I’m here for Craig&Paige but I’m over seeing him on summer house and not loving hearing that Tom&Tom are showing up to Winter house. Can’t they just stay in their lanes? And don’t get me started on seeing Muppet mouth on SH… I’d much rather just read about their dramas outside of the shows here on Bravo&Cocktails than watch them on a show they don’t belong.

    • K


    • Kim Lo

      VPers have been visiting Summer House since it’s inception. There is history there. Winter House was conceived by SH lead but for the crossover potential. They never left their lane.

      • Calm your muff

        Aware of the here and there VP visits to SH. I’m not here for the more than once a season and quite frankly couldn’t care less if Winter House disappeared. It’s a pretty lame show when you look at the rest of the deck at Bravo… so calm down.

        • Tee

          Agree 100% I thought the first wh was pretty boring. The newbys rlnever really brought anything. And we could all do with seeing Austin face less. I didnt enjoy it

  4. Paige

    Is this a blind or an AIM away message from 2006?

    • Southern Blonde


    • Muppet Mouth

      LMAO 100% this was the hardest tea to read ever. 😂😂😂

  5. Monalycia

    *~ I fEeL lyKe tHiS bLiNd… was written by a 7th grader in 2002 ~*


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