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Apr 7, 2022

From: The Challenge
Email: [email protected]

Subject: About those guys from the Challenge

Spill It to Bravoand
E*** and K*** were favorites on The Challenge and although there have been whispers that they weren’t brought due to costs of insuring them to be on the show there’s more to it then that. This was all BEFORE me too and cancel culture so use your imagination as to why they were axed, it wasn’t for just a rumor or accusation, I can promise you that!

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  1. Anon

    This is well know. They were kicked off or banned for sexual assaulting Tonya. I think this was during the Ruins season. She sued them and MTV never brought any of them back

    • Robin

      It’s says there MORE to it!!! We know part of it is the way it reads but not all of it!

  2. CT’s Backpack

    If this is referencing the toothbrush incident that occurred during the Ruins, this isn’t a secret. MTV, Bunin/Murray, and both E & K were sued over it. I don’t remember what happened with the lawsuit, but all three involved were banned.

    • Here for the tea

      Can someone please elaborate I’m so confused. I’m a long time fan but don’t remember any of this. Old age I guess.

      • Justice4Tonya

        Tonya was passed out drunk and they stuck a toothbrush up her – mainly Kenny but Evan was also involved among other things. They paid Tonya off to keep quiet (not much money tho) and I’ve heard she struggled a lot in the aftermath. Really sad. It was kept very hush at the time but had since been made public.

    • Bananas, the backpack

      Your name ♥️

  3. A

    Kenny and Evan

  4. I’m old to remember this

    Didn’t they sexually assault another cast member? She was silenced too by being removed from the show

  5. Joanna

    It’s because of what they did to Tonya with a toothbrush. They aren’t the only ones that should’ve been banned IMO

  6. Liza

    Yeah we know part of it but there’s more and I want to know the more part lol

  7. These guys suck

    Loved Andi Dorfman from the bachelorette and was always really sad to see she was so close with those guys when living in NYC


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