More authentic on Mars….

Apr 7, 2022

From: Pharmaceutical Rep
Email: [email protected]

Subject: Cars, tv stars and would be more authentic on mars

Spill It to Bravo and Certain RHONJ should probably start telling the truth, the last time this HW tried to spin a story, it didn’t work out too well at home, but great for the current season.

I guess seeing a certain Connecticut Woman of the world spin her story, she thinks doing the same will keep her for another season.

This e-mail was sent from a contact form on Bravo and Cocktails (


  1. Ana

    I’m too early…I’ll be back for the comments, no idea who this could be lol

  2. Jennifer and...

    Definitely Jen…but what story did she spin that didn’t work the first time? That be never cheated in the first place?

    Ive heard it was more than once actually thru this website lol so maybe thats what this means?

    What didn’t work out at home? The fight with her mom?

    • PinocchioNose

      JEN lies constantly. About who did her plastic surgery. How many years Bill has been cheating and with how many people, her family dynamics, her reposessed cars, her furniture, that she didnt dig for info on evan or call Frank or that Teresa told her to ask around tenafly.

  3. Bravobravobravo

    Jen – it came out the car was repossessed not stolen.

    • Pelo Fan

      Really!? I thought it looked and sounded suspicious. But they even took shoes.

    • Really?

      No way?!

    • Veronicar

      Seriously???? How embarrassing!

    • Susie

      It was found in a hotel parking lot…

  4. Kylie

    Dorit! Connecticut woman of the world lol.

  5. BravoFanGirl

    Guys, DORIT! Remember the dresses she “sold” last season and the “burglary” happened before filming began, so it secured her spot for this season about to air. Who knows if she’s doing something similar this season they’re about to film.

    ORRRRR the Lucy Lucy Apple Juicy dog she adopted and had someone take to a kill shelter. She spun puppygate in her favor with the help of Fox force five.

    • nm

      It says RHONJ

      • Dixcgirl

        Right. But DORIT is the Connecticut(where she is from) woman of the world (her many accents). Come onnnn y’all! It is saying JEN Aydin is pulling a Dorit Kemsley .

  6. Marge

    You guys, it’s not Dorit. The email for the tea is [email protected]

    It’a Jennifer

    • Marine

      Yes it is about Jennifer, but the Connecticut reference is Dorit.

    • Ginger Snapped

      Dorit is the Connecticut woman who used her “home invasion” to stay on this season of BH.
      The blund is referring to Jen’s recent “car theft.

      • Seb

        Yeah that was my thoughts too!

        Dorit was rumoured to have been downgraded to a friend before the home invasion I think?

        So this tea is Jennifer staged (or spun if the comment earlier about it actually being a repo is true) the car theft for her spot too?


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