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Apr 2, 2022

Spill It to

M***** W****s ex, P**** L***** has been running a reddit page with a girl from North Carolina and another wannabe Nashville influencer. The page has 14k members is dedicated to trashing M****’s baby mama. Receipts available!



  1. Down the Rabbit Hole

    Ahh how do I find it?

    • Anonymous

      Celeb wives of Nashville. It’s been a wild ride.

    • Joan

      This has mostly been confirmed by several people on reddit. Embarrassing lol

  2. AngelBaby

    I have followed that page for a while but would really like to see receipts to prove it’s Paige

  3. Shady Paige

    Paige is messy. I believe when she was dating a hockey player, she was also involved in trashing his ex online too. I’d be curious to see a deeper dive into Paige. She got fame through the Armie Hammer stuff and tried to come across so mature and aware, but she seems the opposite of that. Very anti-women with her online trashing of other women that she sees as threats.

  4. Cassie

    Morgan wallen and paige Lorenze

  5. Hmm

    Ex? As in Morgan and Paige are not together anymore? And she’s still trashing his baby mama?

  6. Definitely not Paige

    Definitely not Paige. The sub was a sub before Morgan and Paige we’re even a thing.

    • Meh

      The OG mod has hardly ever been present. Emp was definitely paid by PL and it’s been proven in all the screenshots floating in DM’s.

      • Hatersgonnahatehatehate

        If you are going to lie in a comment at least make it believable. 😂😂


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