She’s laughing about it…

Mar 22, 2022


  1. Yomamasaid

    Until she has to start paying the people back he screws over. Better get that prenup!

  2. Jessica

    She can’t be that damn stupid like you’ve already been to jail behind a man, you would think she wouldn’t do it again.

    • sA

      But she is! Not putting her kids first. They been through enough. Her kids hate him you can tell.

      • Hoodatgirl

        You’re right… She IS that stupid. This should play out well.

  3. 🙄

    What a dum dum. He’s gonna screw her out of any money she’s managed to earn back since her ex screwed her

  4. Sarah

    She’s a selfish moron who has been warned and doesn’t care.

    I feel sorry for Gia & Co.

    • Ocgal

      She deserves what is waiting for her. I can’t stand stupid women

  5. Erin

    Did Theresa or Melissa write this because I’m assuming that was meant to read “she trusts him implicitly”, not explicitly. But I doubt Theresa or Melissa would know the difference!

  6. Me

    But civil cases can be federal. They’re not mutually exclusive.

    • I'm a scroll man

      You go to federal court for bankruptcy cases. She just isn’t a good person and is the same fool as the day she started the show. She hasn’t learned a thing.

  7. Anon

    She’s a fucking idiot. She’s selfish and doesn’t actually think of her kids first in anything despite what she says. Unpopular opinion…she’s a lousy person who I think DID know more with Joe’s dealings and deserves everything that comes her way. If you don’t learn from your first mistakes then I have no pity for you.

  8. Mikko

    I think the tipster meant as long as the cases are civil, not criminal.

  9. Nonno

    But where is that one lawyer she had during Joes case? He was on the ball and should be advising her about Mr Red Flag Face

  10. Jeanine Curtis

    And people wonder why I can’t stand Teresa.
    She’s dumber than a bag of hair. I can’t with this moron.


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