Who is she?

Mar 21, 2022

Picture of her modeling in Turkey


  1. Oof

    I see people are still confused about the difference between ethnicity and race. ‘Her story doesn’t add up’, ‘Doesn’t show her wealthy side’ as if we’re supposed to assume she was poor because she’s black 🙄. Implying someone isn’t black because she grew up in a country where you don’t think black people live, ummm. Her dad was in a blind last week, you can very clearly tell he was a black man.

    • Jamie

      She never mentioned growing up wealthy or that her dad was a famous person…made it seem like she married into money..when really she grew up with it

      • Kjo

        I’m confused why this makes a difference. Heather Dubrow doesn’t talk about their money coming from Terry’s family

        • Noellas a fraud

          Yeah but Heather Dubrow is not pretending they don’t come from money.

          • Thirsty for views

            The whole show she’s made comments about how she can’t afford groceries and she’s only making it by living off her husbands Amazon credit card and she can’t afford to pay for her house (when she actually resides in Puerto Rico so she can’t purchase a house in US.) Noella has only made comments about not affording to live because her husband left but she is only choosing to air that side of it sadly.

        • E

          Terrys family does not come from money – his dad left his mom when he and his brother were very young and his mom raised them by herself with deadbeat boyfriends in and out of their lives. She had a more privileged life style growing up and bought their first house with her own money from her acting career.

          • Nana

            Like the terry info!

    • Ooof

      What? Assume she was poor because she’s black? That’s a stretch from what I just read.

    • Kim

      I think viewers assumed she was poor because she talks about how she has no money ever since James left, and she doesn’t have a career


    This looks like a Ray J era Kim Kardashian. Noella is a lunatic.

  3. Lola

    She says multiple times that she was a welfare baby

    • Parker

      Didn’t she follow that up by saying ‘until her mom built her law practice and how she saw both sides growing up?’

      • Holly

        Lol I thought this picture was Melissa Gorga

  4. Say it ain’t so

    I went to school with pleeenty of women who are book smart but are complete and utter airheads. Ditsy AF. If you think about it I’m sure we all know someone like this.

  5. Koo koo kachu

    Flushing an academic career at a prestigious university down the toilet because you couldn’t keep your clothes on points to bigger issues. And running around trying to paint people who aren’t as racists because things aren’t going the way you planned is vile. She needs to find a good psychiatrist.

  6. KMT

    I know a lot of stupid educated people lol. They mentioned her dad on last weeks episode, but said he was absent, I believe. I thinks she’s definitely playing it up, but not to an extreme. I dunno… there’s a whole “Sweet James” story archive on her IG from years ago up until last summer. He looked in love. Made me rethink his whole leaving her out of the blue situation… like, based on those stories, it looks like he really did. I don’t know 🤣


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