Sliding into the DM’s

Mar 18, 2022


  1. shelley

    Mike Shouhed and Paulina, Shahs of Sunset

  2. Kristi

    My friend used to date him before Jessica, he’s given her numerous black eyes and she caught him cheating too she thinks he’s a sec addict (obvy) but would still text her when he was with Jessica

    • Queen De Bee

      I’ve never heard about the DV, but I’m not sure it surprises me. He’s soooooooo alpha its gross… I hope your friend is/has recovered from this. I’m sorry she had to go through it x

  3. Need to know

    Does anyone know how Paulina has so much money? Like I’ve heard her ex but how? What does he do?

    • NLG

      Paulina’s ex husband is Tal Bahari, he is a millionaire and his family is also wealthy.


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