Tom Tom

Mar 17, 2022


  1. Winelovinmama87

    That’s gross and terrible. And not surprising. 🥴

  2. Anon

    I work in marketing/ online reputation management for a large corporation with lots of money behind it. It is literally impossible to get a negative yelp removed.. not saying this isn’t true. I’m just saying there’s no way any vpr people have the ability to remove a yelp review

    • Legaleagle

      I work in legal for a company that has removed negative reviews (don’t agree with it). You can get a review removed… it’s really hard but it can happen. Generally, lawyers have to get involved.

      • Anon

        I worked for a problematic person with a horrible reputation but she was our largest producer. I spent weeks talking to yelp to remove bad reviews, once our attorney got involved and we agreed to advertise with them all of the bad reviews went away. Just saying

    • Ejb

      I work in hospitality and we regularly get phone calls asking for money from Yelp to remove negative reviews

    • H

      I worked for a law firm that got negative reviews removed regularly from Yelp. They will remove the first one for free then you have to pay to have them removed. It isn’t difficult at all.

  3. Sarah

    Went to Sur years ago. This was after season 1 aired. The staff that was there were incredibly rude and ignored my table. Kristen Doute was working multiple tables by herself so the others could schmooze with what I assume was a wealthy party. Kristen came to our table and filled our waters and took care of us. A manager scolded her for being slow but allowed the others to ignore their tables. I never viewed the managers on the show the same.

  4. Trish

    I went to Sue for dinner last May. Initially seated outside in tented area they gladly moved us when we asked. Peter started to wait on us and Max took over. Other were kind and sweet and happy to pose for pics. Stopped at TomTom after. Asked host if anyone was there. He offered to walk me through but told me I couldn’t ask for photos. Saw Ken chatting w another fan. He said hello. I told him his son waited on us at Sur and was charming. He offered to take pics. Host stayed w us and walked us past Pandora and LVP. Everyone was kind and respectful. That was my experience. Not defending an asshole who got smart with a kid. That’s just wrong.

  5. AB

    Your friend should of called the police. Period. Not acceptable

  6. Come on now

    I don’t believe this because I don’t believe anyone is so dumb that they wouldn’t just call the police. I, too, was young and afraid in Southern California once but you can bet your sweet ass I would not have walked out of there without my phone.


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