Mar 11, 2022


  1. DollyPardonMe

    The hypocrisy of Lala is outrageous, she is horrible. Remember how she used to call Randall “my man” all the time, eeeeeeewwwww.

  2. Titsmcgee

    Lala you’re an asshole. Sober doesn’t make you any less of one. You’re still a pathetic gold digger

    • Lala who

      She’s a cold harded b*tch!

  3. Cheryl

    Lala is such an idiot.

  4. BravoGal

    Can’t stand Lala and her hypocrisy. She is so ridiculous

  5. Craig s

    Maybe she made a mistake back then and realised she was wrong. Has no one ever made mistakes before? The peoples court is so judgmental.

    • Jane

      If you only learn how to respect others when the same thing happens to you, you’re still an asshole.

  6. Lol

    Lala not knowing rand was cheating is such BS and i’m noticing a lot of similarities between her and Jennifer Aydin where both caused drama with their cast mates (scheana & brock for lala and jennifer with margaret and jackie) and attacking them in regards to their relationships to take the attention off their own

  7. Kelly

    The main difference I see here is Randall is clearly exploiting his child to repair his image and maybe attract women who swoon over men with babies…

    • Cari

      I’m not a Randall fan but that’s their child and if she can post pictures of their daughter, so can he. Those were not her kids and she should have respected their biological mother’s wishes.

  8. Mer27

    I’m not even a Lala fan at all whatsoever. However, if the bio mom wasn’t sharing pics I’d understand. But she was, every day. She just hated Lala and used that as another way to get at her. It had nothing to do with not wanting her kids on social media.

  9. Kat

    Lala is acting like this is her first break up. She says Randall wants attention yet she’s the one bringing attention to him with her break up press tour she’s doing. Says she was never into Randall so she broke up their family for what?


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