Coach connections…

Mar 8, 2022


  1. Don’t tell

    This isn’t tea… this was her story line at the beginning of season 1

    • Gemma

      no it was that they met at work not that her ex played for his brother !

    • AV

      We already knew this?

  2. Duh

    Come on! We knew this already.

  3. Reg

    The affair is old news but why did I think they met at work??

    • Jen

      that was the story…this part we didn’t know

  4. Whitney

    I though them working together was messy but this is EXTRA messy…wonder why Ms. Honest Whit didnt mention this part lol

  5. Hope

    Who cares. It’s old news and only a Mormon would write in saying what a big deal they were excommunicated from places. What a backwards view if that is how you get your worth. I’m not a huge Whitney fan but the person who sent this is an thirsty fool.

  6. Carmen

    Old news. Let’s talk about Justin’s ex wife working at the same company Justin and Whitney were at when the affair was happening and it was the coworkers who wanted Justin gone bc of his ex.

  7. PissOffWhitney

    I cannot force myself to be even slightly interested in this sexually incontinent cardboard cutout with implants. Get her off my screen, she contributes nothing


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