Awful Aussie…


  1. Sara

    Brock! Ugh

    • Samantha

      He is disgusting. He reminds me of my bio dad, abusive narcissistic alcoholic. The way he talks to and about her, definitely brought up some childhood trauma.

      • Lissa

        He’s a Kiwi not an Aussie, he even has a Kiwi accent, just saying…. He is yuk

  2. Anon

    Brock 💯. But I don’t feel bad for Scheana. She is desperate.

    • Me

      Couldn’t agree more!! I don’t feel bad for her at all.

      • Jo

        It’s actually sad. She is the type of woman that feels she needs a man to be happy. She needs emotional support/help. Especially with a daughter. She needs to end that cycle. I grew up with a similar mom. Never wanted to be alone. And all the low lives she would be bring around were the best men ever at the beginning. Seen this episode way to many times 😞

  3. Me

    Brock who looked like Billy Ray in his country get up.


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