Father figure…

Feb 28, 2022

The star of hot and cold seasons may have not been totally honest about her timeline. The supposed Father certainly doesn’t think so. He was not in the loop about it being discussed in public and wasn’t happy about how it came out. 


  1. Turtle time

    Lindsay & Jason WinterHouse

  2. Anonymous

    Jason and Lindsey

  3. Josie

    I had a feeling. Her story sounding a little too…something. Off, is the only word I can think of. I don’t trust her at all and I think her and Carl are a potentially hilly flammable pairing.

  4. BeeLovin

    Lindsay & Jason. Im glad im not the only one who think Lindsay and Carl are a bad idea. She is boy crazy and straight up crazy. You can tell she is suppressing her craziness to keep Carl. Poor Carl needs a real woman to support his sobriety and mental health! Every guy she was with she was in love with and wanted to have babies with. Totally not stable and Carl needs to run!

    • Nikko

      Every single date with her is “the one”. Something isn’t right.

  5. Anna

    She’s going to break his heart(Carl). He’s not her type. Too sweet.

    • Mikko

      Oh my phykerzzeeee. Carl is an asshole. He’s getting a hero’s edit. He is an asshole.


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