Banging theory….

Feb 24, 2022


  1. KB

    Kaley Cuoco and Sam Hunt

    • Deanna


  2. Montevallo Anyone?

    Why is literally no gossip or news outlet reporting that Sam Hunt wrote an ENTIRE album as a PSA to try to get her back the first time he cheated on her? It was a whole to do. He succeeded, got her back, got married, and cheated again. Not shocked. I love his music but like no one should be shocked at this and suprised everyone is acting like this was his first rodeo

    • Tess

      I mean yeah but with a big celeb like Kaley?! Wow

    • E

      Thank you! I have been waiting for someone to finally bring this up.

  3. Fake news

    False, it was in 2016. He got back with Hannah later that year. Kaley and Sam were spotted together after a Grammys after party. I don’t think anything happened.


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