Country star….

Feb 13, 2022

Video surfaced of TikTok stars excited to be invited to a bar by a very married country star last night in Vegas….we hear he’s cheating!


  1. Georgia

    Sam hunt is the country singer. Last I heard he was married to Hannah Lee Fowler but she/they are very private.

    • Anon

      I guess he wasn’t in a private mood last night when he was invited hot young single girls to hang out lol

    • Shady

      The girl is Zoe Roe, she was there on an influencer trip and Deanna Giulietti was the one posting about how he invited her

  2. Anon

    If you watch her stories, she was there with her boyfriend. It was probably for publicity.

    • Got gaydar?

      That’s not her boyfriend boo that’s her best friend, he gay

  3. M

    That dude did that Hannah girl wrong before. He even talked about how he had to try 10 times or so to get her back. Apparently, he never changed. Guys are such dogs.

  4. Anon

    So when Sam Hunt was dating her, I went to a show of his at Levi Stadium. He picked me out of the crowd and came into the stands and sang to me. After the concert his guitarist and stage managers invited us all to hang out with him and he acted like a DOG in heat. I didn’t find out he was dating someone until a few weeks later.

  5. Influence

    Omg, most of the girls are married or in serious relationships. Can’t people be excited to meet a celebrity?

    • Panda

      Thank you! The concert was a huge event with a ton of influencers on the guest list. My comment about this blind being a reach for that reason was conveniently deleted.


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