Good news for OG lovers…

Feb 8, 2022


  1. Wolf James

    Doubt it! She conveniently posted on the same day Andy got his star, “Stop Discrimination.” Andy doesnt even have the power to cast the shows any more.

    • Julie

      He’s an EP. He’s not the sole decision maker but he definitely has a say in casting.

  2. Anon

    I hate that housewives need to kiss Andy Cohens ass. He’s the worst and you should see how much of a horrible person he is and how bad he’s treated some of his “lovers”…and I’ll leave it at that. If he were to get exposed it would be so so bad.

    • Popcorn

      Ummmmm seems you need to spill the tea honey!!!

    • Kimmie

      I agree !!! I can’t wait for Andy to get his Ellen moment and be exposed.

      I’d love NeNe back

      • Lori

        I really hope this is false, I can’t stand her.If she returns I’ll have to stop watching Atlanta again. I’d rather have Kim Z back before oiLher, and I don’t like her either.


    I loved Nene the first couple seasons, then she became insufferable. After all the crazy things she said publicly about Bravo and Andy she should never be asked back.


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