Some clarity on the affair…

Feb 5, 2022

There were two separate affairs. One with the pharmaceutical rep. One with the office manager. But it was the sexual harassment of a nurse that led to his firing. Allegedly.



  1. Dirty Doctor

    Omg Bill!! With 5 kids at home, either divorce Jen or keep it in your pants. Your poor children will never learn to respect their mother, or women, if you keep this up!

  2. AshleighMarie

    The daughters are being taught to tolerate this abuse from a man. The sons are being taught it’s ok to treat a woman this way and that everything should be forgiven.
    He made a choice, not a mistake. Repeatedly. ??‍♀️

    • Ms.NJ

      You’re getting too carried away to be talking about her children . Do you teach your sons and daughters to write about celebs on a gossip blog? Or do you teach your daughter to be a housewife or a gold digger ?

      • JK

        Maybe. Modeling is one way children learn.

      • AshleighMarie

        Interesting takeaway, your intelligence must be on par with Teresa.

      • Dirty Dirty Doc

        Jen said the children know their dad cheated. Jen says she told them. So yes, teaching them and modeling for them that it’s OK for daddy to cheat on mommy is normal in marriage, and that the house will be back to normal, no consequences for the man, is a bad lesson for children.

  3. Sayingithowiseeit

    Y’all guys are weird af for sitting here and saying that “ the daughter are being taught….” Like y’all don’t even know how Jen & bills family dynamic is off the cameras & you for sure don’t know how it is Jen and Bill are choosing to parent their children specially at this time, NOR do you guys even understand Turkish Culture. Like who teaching their daughter it’s okay to be cheated on while pregnant by the man who’s supposed to love you. That’s just sick and y’all are sick & kinda gross for thinking like that ?? would you tell your children that this behavior is okay? Cmon

    • Kc

      Modeling the behavior is teaching them it is ok ?

    • MwithanE

      It’s funny that your talking about Turkish culture like they’re traditional or conservative at all…does that have anything to do with him cheating and her judging women the way she does? As if.

    • Anon

      You talk ghetto. It’s hard to understand what you are saying ??‍♀️

  4. MwithanE

    Jen was so judge mental and acted like her family is so traditional and conservative; talking about her past sex life would be soo disrespectful to her husband, judging Margret for her stuff….. I would feel bad for her that she has such little self-respect and what she’s teaching her kids.. but she’s such an asshole it’s hard to. She’s so fake.

    • Noneya

      Right? I’m not shocked that Bill is cheating with multiple women. That’s the attitude. Season 1 Jen said it was ok for Turkish men to use American women for sex but they had to marry a Turkish woman, when talking about her brother. Did she really think that attitude would change after marriage?


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