Payoffs in the OC…


  1. Bravo fan

    This lines up with what Noella has been saying about Heather and why she had such issues with her. Not a Noella fan, but this seems to check out.

    • Melissa


  2. Titsmcgee

    God Heather go awayyyyyy

  3. Shane’s Bar Exam

    Not a huge Noella fan but this makes sense. Heather shows every episode how obsessed she is with her image. It’s honestly so tired.

  4. Angelia

    Wait if it took 6 hours does that mean the sushi was eaten and really did not go to waste? Another lie perhaps??

    • ally

      My first thought was “so did the sushi get left out for 6 hours orrrrrr” lol

    • Lee

      Heather’s come back has been a real flop and snooze…I’m over OC, it needs to be gone already!!

  5. Bzybravofan

    This assumes the producers and all associated with the show allowed Heather & Terry to create the narrative for how that played out? Not buying it, Bravo would have loved that to get messy. Would have been way more TV worthy.

    • Anon

      Andy kisses anyones ass that has money.

      • Get Real

        So odd that people think Andy is in charge of everything. He’s not on set directing the action LMAO.

  6. OCgal

    Heather is so exhausting. I have yet to see an episode were she is not peddling something whether it’s her, her kids, a house or a crappy product. It’s like one big infomercial for her.

  7. Nosilla

    That should be easy enough to confirm. I never understood why Heather got so furious about it being said tho.


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