“Yeah, I’m drinking”

Everyone is posting sightings of this east coast HW drinking. She’s supposed to be “sober”. Sources tell me it wasn’t the booze that was  the issue. It was that she liked to ski. In other words, it was about the pasta. If she’s just drinking I guess she feels she’s okay. Allegedly.


  1. Kat

    The countess

  2. DevorahBegonia

    Who says she’s supposed to be sober? Not her.

    • Kelly

      On the show she claims to be

      • DevorahBegonia

        She says she isn’t drinking today but that doesn’t mean she’ll never drink again.

  3. MwithanE

    I wouldn’t be surprised. Rich NYC women like the snow… but that doesn’t negate her problematic behavior when she’s drinking.

  4. Bravooooo

    I think all those with "bowel" problems all like to ski…allegedly.

  5. Lulu

    Can we just cancel lu already.., old racist blackface drunk. Ugh.

  6. Skeptic

    Since when is she supposed to be sober in recent history? Doesn’t she openly admit she drinks?

    • Kenzie

      No? She’s claimed to be sober for a while now. With her fake rose and “water shots”
      Not saying that she HAS been sober. But she’s claimed so

  7. money CAN buy you class

    Are we sure it isn’t Leah?

  8. FlightClub

    Anyone saying she “hasn’t claimed to be sober” obviously missed the entire last season plus girls trip of he saying “froze, water shot, sober, not drinking” it is her ENTIRE story line.

  9. Teee

    I thought it was said a while ago she only appears sober on the show as she embarrassed her kids in previous seasons

  10. HD BRAVO

    I thought this was about Braunwynn lol 😂


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