Jan 6, 2022



  1. DevorahBegonia

    Who even cares about this guy?

    • Lori

      Obviously a lot of people or it wouldn’t be news. He has a lot of disappointed fans. You don’t have to read.

  2. CD

    I applaud anyone that rescues doggies esp the older ones but there was something about the AMOUNT they always had that seemed….odd…almost like the amount of doggos were compensating for a lack of comfort or love or something. I’m totally speculating but c’mon. It’s a gossip site and where else can we go to speculate lol I just really feel for his wife and kids and all of us who thought he was the funniest. The big sell of that show was that it was 4 high school friends still being kids as adults and having fun. It’s a shame to lose that joy bc men can’t ever behave their fucking selves. #endrant

    • Brittney Boyer

      I totally always thought it was strange how many dogs they had too! All I could think was they have this beautiful home and imagine what it smells like!

  3. KOC

    He always seemed like such a family man and such a good guy. But I’ll always remember when they snuck Bessie on an episode of IJ behind the scenes at a mall food court and the boys dared Joe to kiss “the hot girl in the purple” – his words… and Bessie came on the mic and was like “not if you’re wanna sleep on the couch tonight”. Yeah it was probably staged… but I still felt bad for Bessie.

  4. Jumbo

    Bessie struggles with anxiety and depression, Joe has talked quite a bit about his struggle with depression. This whole situation sucks – for absolutely everyone.

  5. Orange Juice

    She seems very depressed in her TikTok videos, even before the most recent "broken" one.

  6. Anna

    The saddest part for me is that like I knew there couldn’t be 4 men who were just good people. Like I knew (even though I didn’t want to) that there is no way one of them wasn’t using power dynamics. I just thought it wouldn’t be Joe

  7. Desperately Seeking Susan

    Who the fuck are these people?!


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