Cheap baller..

Jan 6, 2022


  1. Kathy

    Ugggggh really??? I would expect this from no tippin pippen..

    • Shmeegs

      They’re turning into stingy old farts

  2. Kait

    It kills me how people with so much fortune do not tip. It’s so disgusting. I genuinely hope this circulates more and more and they get called out hard

  3. Mnb

    Don’t believe this one. Too many anecdotes to the contrary.

  4. B

    I worked at a private dining room in a resort years ago and can attest to this same behavior. Made it very clear many times his presence was the tip 🙄

  5. Ballin Tacos

    Had a completely different experience with Michael Jordan… He came into Rocco’s Taco’s in PGA, FL.. Was so low key and quiet and was sat at a table off to the side of the restaurant… came in for a quick, casual lunch with one of his friends. The bill wasn’t very much and he left the server (my friend) $100.

  6. DevorahBegonia

    Can confirm that this has been my experience with him multiple times in Vegas, in addition to him being rude to staff and treating them like they are beneath him.

  7. Nah

    I’m from Chicago and the bulls were all horrible tippers. NoTippin Pippen.

  8. Anon

    I waited on him at a club in DC. We comped his bill from $3500 to $24 and he was pissed and said out loud “I am XX, I don’t have to pay”. No tip. Zero. So disappointing.

  9. Lt

    Not surprising. He had full editorial control over the “last dance” documentary and still came across like an asshole

  10. Nm

    Amare Stoudemire also notorious stiffer.

  11. Michael Jordan is Cheap

    Michael Jordan had a box at the Super Bowl last year with a few other high profile names. He got everything for free and absolutely screwed the server assigned to their box. What an ass.

  12. Orange Juice

    That’s strange. He was at a bar I worked at and he was very nice. He didn’t negotiate the bill. The tip was included, but he didn’t add extra.

  13. L

    I know Mike VERY well. He is as cheap as they come. His close friends always pick up his slack. He also cannot a handle anyone criticizing him. He will cut them out of his circle immediately.


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