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Jan 3, 2022

Different perspective on same scoop! Allegedly.


  1. Heather L

    I am sorry but they are saying that Southern Charmed would have died without Naomi? That’s where I have a hard time believing this. Also not saying I believe the previous post either but I can’t see how SC needed Naomi to survive she was never that crucial to the show.

    • Gnome


  2. Cm

    I have to agree with this. How many more seasons could we have dealt with Austin/Madison/Kathryn drama. They needed a storyline and she certainly has one from MuTOOL.

  3. Anna

    Lol at the show needing Naomi. Reminder she got on the show through Craig who she treated terribly. K.

  4. Bell

    Southern Charm needed Naomi to survive. Lmao!! Yeah sure…..

    • No name

      Wish I could like this. To even equate her and cam is blasphemy

      • Kennedy

        I think what they’re trying to say is that losing Cam, Naomi, and Chelsea nearly killed the show (along with bringing Madison in). Bringing Naomi back brings some familiarity and I’m excited she’s back. Even though I completely agree—no one can ever replace Cam. We need Cam back.

  5. Mbb

    Naomi treated Craig bad…the old Craig was a law school grad unwilling or unable to take the bar, wasn’t sure what he wanted to do and she is career driven and successful. Granted now his sewing has created a business for him and the show gives him a sales platform (like a good percentage of reality performers).

  6. JKE

    Last season was horrible – glad they are bringing her back… wish they brought back Cam, too. Naomi wasn’t the best to Craig but she did light a fire under his ass and now look at him – motivated and successful. Just had to find his niche.

  7. Denise Lombardi

    Last season was terrible. Agreed they needed someone old like naomie or cam

    • Jan

      Wish they would’ve brought Cam back

  8. April Sawin

    Did Naomi post this?! Cute. Hey girl.

  9. Jan

    Was Naomi even ever a full-time cast member? I just remember her treating Craig badly and then being somewhat of a mean girl to Kathryn and then not really filming much with the cast her last season because Metul didn’t like it. I’m pretty sure he even made her skip the cast trip to Colorado. So to say she had to be brought back to “save the show” seems ridiculous, especially since she is just a “friend of” on this new season anyways. She’s the last reason I’ll be tuning in.

  10. Sarah

    Naomi brings her lifestyle and friend group to the show… so it’s not soley Naomi when you think about it. Let’s remember how horrible last season was. The entire cast was a mess trying to piece story lines together and no one had a stable life to present on TV.. this is how fake storylines are created and something they need to avoid….

  11. Trish

    All these comments about how badly Naomi treated Craig. SMH. I like him and am very happy he has such success now. But let’s be honest—when she was with him, he was a useless slug on the couch. Couldn’t even motivate himself to take the bar —for years. Didn’t work. He was a handsome up and coming young man at start of show. He was slovenly and unkempt and lazy in that last year or so. Who wants that? Glad for him he’s turned it all around and is doing great.


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