Trouble on the West Coast….

This West Coast housewife is showing off a new look. It’s stress. She sunk a lot of money into her business and she hasn’t seen a return. On top of that her for TV boyfriend is just that, all for show. A lot is going on with her. Allegedly.

Something’s fishy….

We know why this boring, former West Coast housewife clings to her much more well known, likable, successful friend but WHY does the OG like her so much?! Her big name friend begs to allow this bore guest appearances on housewives and now she secured her a spot on...


This toxic ex husband of a former West Coast housewife is planting stories about his ex wife. The motive? His new girl can watch the kids if he gets custody and he saves money on child support....

It’s Expensive to be her!

This West Coast housewife’s new product line is Expensive. She pays less than $20 for what she’s selling for more than $500. We know she has legal bills to pay but will anyone be silly enough to overpay because her name is attached? Allegedly.