Selling Sunset!

Sources tell me Selling Sunset has 100% been green lit for a season 6 and 7. The cast received pick up letters towards the end of March. Cast members are deep in contract negotiations now. Filming is slated to begin early summer if all goes planned. Allegedly.

PR intervention!!!

From: PR InterventionEmail: [email protected]: PR Intervention!Spill It to We all saw the pictures online of the current and ex wife in a heated argument. The PR intervention was more for the ex / husbands image then theirs. Neither woman...

Selling BS

From: Selling BSEmail: [email protected] Subject: Selling BS! Spill It to had an affair with her ex boyfriend down thestreet from her fucking office. It is such a joke thatshe has been able to spin this victim...

Selling and leaving!

The star of the show who all the other ladies hate flipped the script. She started her own real estate firm. The brothers are more than unhappy. They’re nervous. She’s taking all her connections with her. Next season will be extra juicy! Allegedly!